Month: July 2007

The Singularity: terminator or techno-rapture

Imagine a world where humans are no longer flesh and bone. Imagine a world where you can backup a copy of your brain to an external hard drive. Life as we know it is changing. We are heading to a point where technology will either be our salvation or damnation.

Gordon Moore of intel once said that computer processors will double their speed and power every five years. They will also halve in size. Thus far his theory also known as Moore’s Law has held true. We are at a point in our evolution where our own self-realization has allowed our evolution to become cogniscent. Evolution itself is taking the reins of humanity, and we are exponentially increasing our advancement. Consider for a moment the power of the internet alone.

An experiment to improve yourself

A while ago Excommunicate’s featured One thing to do

a day to change your life
was visit your local psychic.

I did just that, afterwards I started to write the

following article. I set it aside to revisit it later. It’s now

later, and I have changed it’s purpose a bit. It is part

of an experiment I would like to try. The inspiration

came from this quote I found in a journal of a Vietnam vet.

“It’s a momentous move of today in vindication
against tomorrow’s eventual demise.”

The quote really represented to me how he and his

troops needed to live today to the fullest; because

tomorrow he knew they were all going to die in battle.

I have committed this quote to memory and I ask you to

do the same. After reading this article, I also ask that

in one week’s time you write down briefly how you felt or

any changes in your self you may experience.

Tips to restructure your daily life

If you are like me you may find that you have more things than you can do in a day, a week, a month, or even a year. Eventually all the things going on in one’s life get to be too much and one must sit down and organize. There are a great number of references and plans to help one get organized.

Perhaps the most popular as of late is GTD or getting things done. The GTD plan was originally conceived of by David Allen. You can learn quite a bit more about his plan by searching google for Getting Things Done. However I have found his plan to be a bit too much for what I need. As result I found this great resource “Hacking a GTD Moleskine”: This method of approach worked beautifully for myself since I am pretty low tech.