Month: June 2007

The mystery of colors

Color is something that has enamored humans for, as long as we have been around. Different colors have even been given different meanings. Perhaps the most profound colors are those that have all or none. Black and white; even now the word processing program I use utilizes the high contrast black and white. Why have we ascribed such a high importance to something as abstract and solidifying as color?


Different spiritual paths have different color systems. The Kabbalah or the Jewish mystic tradition has different color representations for the different spheres of the sephiroth. Each sephiroth represents a different place in one’s spiritual consciousness or evolution. For example Malkuth the bottom sephiroth on the tree of life is citrine, olive, russet, and black. The colors representing the gross material plane.

My day with a homeless man and how it changed my life. (part 3)

* “Part 1”:
* “Part 2”:

I had gotten to the dock at around 12:30. I had no idea what time it was, I had only a few bucks in my pocket. For some unknown reason I left everything else at home. I looked up at the sun and then down at the giant compass on the ground. Thankfully I had when I was a child I learned to make a sundial. I used my self as the clock hand and faced north. Wow, it was already 3:30. “You know what that is?” Harry pointed off into the distance.

“A commercial fishing boat?” My friend was actually a commercial fisherman, and I knew the exact kind of boat it was.

“Commercial? Yeah, I suppose so. You know what it’s used for?”

“Drops a net and drags the fish in?”

“Nope, it looks like it could be but it’s actually for catching larger fish. You get one of those boats and a small crew. You could easily make about $8000 a day.”

“At what cost though? It takes years for those fish to develop, to grow.” Harry paused for a moment, I struck a chord and I knew I needed to stop. I shrugged my shoulders.

“You ever listen to Led Zeppelin?” I nodded “They were brilliant, I mean how did they know? It took me until I was 34 before I knew they were singing about Kundalini meditation.” Wow, I was completely floored, Harry knew about Kundalini yoga? “I spent a while practicing Kundalini meditation. How ’bout you you ever study any meditations?” I smirked.

My day with a homeless man and how it changed my life. (part 2)

* “Part 1”:
* “Part 3”:

“Come on let’s go see what they’re catching maybe I can cast.” We got to the edge of the pier and sitting on the edge were two girls. “You think I can convince them I lost my talking dog?” I looked at Harry then looked back, I really had no idea how he would enter into a conversation with these girls. I waited only a few moments before the two girls got up and walked off.