Month: June 2007

A query on morals and loyalty

The human mind is a confusing thing. We are able to make divisions between one thing and not another. Why is this? Allow me to present the following scenario.

John had just gotten home from a long day at work. He hated his job as an furniture mover. No one ever appreciated what he did, and even worse his employer saw him as disposable. John knew he had a few options he could either continue working a job he hated; he could quit the job; or he could keep working there until he found a new job. John didn’t want to think about it so he went back to sleep.

Two weeks pass and John’s wife is telling him to just deal with his job like a man. John makes good money there and he has health insurance. This was especially important because John’s wife Barbara was unemployed. As you can imagine health insurance and steady income were a huge benefit. John couldn’t take the stress any more so he started to look for a new job. Little did John know though that while he was at work, his wife was out with another man.

Free audio books

Make use of that idle time in the car, here are three great resources for _free_ audio books. Most of the books are available as MP3. For those that aren’t you can use the free online-conversion tool “Zamzar:

Great Audio Book Links
* “The Gutenberg Audio Project”:
* “Thought Audio”:
* “Simply Audio Books”:


Trust your instincts and follow your gut

It has been one week and a day since I met “Harry”: Not a day has passed since that I have not wondered what happened to him. As the week went on I remembered a few more things Harry had said to me. Perhaps one of the most important was this;

bq. The wind had picked up outside and the sun continued to shine down upon us. Harry looked about then back up at me. “Let’s go back to the pier” he said. “I’ve got a bad feeling. Would you mind wheeling me up to the ferry terminal?” I looked back at Harry and with a smile and nodded.

bq. “No, not at all.”

bq. “I just got bad vibes. You ever get those? You know that feeling where your spine tingles and you just want to get away?”

Become Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Often times in magic, especially chaos magic, the participants try various things to spice up their lives or rituals. I have heard of any number of creative approaches to this. However this subject in particular on “newWitch”: not only takes the approach of integrating pop culture into their ritual but describes it for someone to do as well.

“Become Buffy the Vampire Slayer”:

bq. “As with any other kind, this form of magick shouldn’t be done casually. Devise a list of your deities’ relevant characteristics: in the case of Buffy I listed: compassionate, empathic, tough, strong, independent, strong willed and ready to protect those in need of help. ”

Now why this works, invoking Buffy was effective for this person because it provided a conduit for their subconscious, or super-conscious to manifest. By creating an alternate identity one can identify with, one allows one’s self to manifest other properties they wouldn’t normally not be able to access in conscious life.