Month: June 2007

Circle with a Dot or Circumpunct

The circle with a dot in the center is perhaps one of the simplest and most incredible of symbols. The circumpunct has been used for an incredibly long time. The symbol once was a representation of the sun, and as such as been the symbol to represent the Archangel Michael. The circumpunct is also the alchemical symbol for gold.


Perhaps the most profound meaning for the circle with a dot in it is that of God. I had a professor once who had asked the class to draw the best representation of God. There were some students who drew Christ, others an old man in a chair, and then there were some that drew the Hindu gods. In the end all he did was draw a circle on the board with a dot in the center.

Death: Life’s final lesson

As a child I had a pet hamster, named spot, not a terribly creative name but what do you expect form a 5 year old. The hamster was brown with a little white spot of fur on its eye. I had desperately wanted a pet and my parents at the time would only let me have a hamster. So I did what any child would do with an animal. I bonded with it. Spot and I would go everywhere, rather I took him everywhere. It was only a year later when I woke up to find that my hamster was still asleep. Little did I know though that he was dead.

Death, is perhaps one of the most difficult things for us to learn. Primarily because it happens to every living thing. One may think that a child’s first pet is actually their first pet; but it is actually one of the first ways a child will typically learn about death. Parents may try to sugar coat the death of that first animal. They may say that Spot has gone up to heaven with all of the other hamsters.

Two popular cartoons and their occult connotations

I have spent some time as of late studying some children’s programming, in particular Japanese anime, that has been appearing on tv. I noticed a common theme among many of them. They all share heavily of the Occult, or Spiritual beliefs of religions and occultism. Perhaps the most innocent of these is the world of _Pokemon_.

_Pokemon_ has single handedly managed to attract thousands of kids, teenagers, and young adults into its unique paradigm. What is it about the show and video game that make it so popular? As many people know the name of the anime means pocket monster. This is our first allusion to the some deeper meanings into its creation. If one watches some of the episodes one will see a recurring theme. The theme is of animal/monster like creatures creating bonds or sharing the world with humans. While most of the pokemon bare a purely fictitious existence. The idea of people paying respect to these creatures is somewhat reminiscent of the religious practice of Shintoism. More specifically it relates to the type of Shinto known as Folk Shinto. Folk shinto is comprised of numerous folk legends and beliefs based upon divination, and spirit worship.

Gnosticism and Buddhism in the Matrix

I actually had intention of writing about spirituality and religious iconography in the matrix, but someone else has done a much more thorough job.

bq. “Although as a “modern myth”4 the film purposefully draws on numerous traditions,5 we propose that an examination of Gnostic Christianity and Buddhism well illuminates the overarching paradigm of The Matrix, namely, the problem of sleeping in ignorance in a dreamworld, solved by waking to knowledge or enlightenment. By drawing syncretistically on these two ancient traditions and fusing them with a technological vision of the future, the film constructs a new teaching that challenges its audience to question “reality.”

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