Month: May 2007

10 great links and 3 Rosicrucian techniques to improve memory

Memory is perhaps the single greatest fulcrum one can use in any instance. It is greater than any strength and can be used at any time. The more robust one’s memory the more knowledgeable and capable the individual. Therefore it is in one’s best interest to have a good memory; both long term and short term.

These are ten links I have found to be incredibly useful in improving and strengthening one’s memory.
Some of the information may be repeated but repetition is part of improving memory and remembering.


*Build Your Memory*
“_You already have an excellent memory. You just don’t know how to use it!_” Build Your Memory provides a diverse range of activities to help improve one’s memory. This by far is one of the most useful sites I have been to; and it provides a great starting point for getting a better memory.

Hypnosis helps you remember past lives

Brian Weiss author of Many Lives, Many Masters hypnotizes his patients and treats them using past life regression. The book is a very easy and entertaining read and it gives hope that reincarnation may be real. That was until recently when researchers connected memory errors to reincarnation.

bq. “_When people who are prone to making these mistakes undergo hypnosis and are repeatedly asked to talk about a potential idea-like a past life-they might, as they grow more familiar with it, eventually convert the idea into a full-blown false memory._”

Read the complete article “here”:

Lesson 7 in Gnosticism: The Infra-Dimensions

As transcribed to me by a teacher of the mystic arts. This is the last of the lessons, as the remaining ones were damaged beyond repair.


In the last lecture we talked a little about Involution. The Involution takes place in the Infra-dimensions, also called Inferno or Hell (Infra/Inferior = lower). There are nine different Infra-dimensions, and they are located inside our planet only. Every planet has its own Infra-dimensions. In the Infra-dimensions we find, among other things, the psychology of beings who have lived all their 108 human existences without eliminating their Egos. They have no remaining free Essence, and could be called “Empty houses”. These beings are made aware of evil, and so they know exactly why they are there.
All the Higher Dimensions are located everywhere in the universe,
without getting mixed with each other. This is possible due to their different “density”. The nine Infra-dimensions however, are located in LAYERS, they do not exist “on top” of each-other like the Higher dimensions. Just below the surface of our planet we find the first Infra-dimension, also called Limbus. Of course we cannot drill a hole in the Earth and expect to find Limbus there, it is located in another dimension, it is a part of the Astral world.

Lesson 6 in Gnosticism: The Enchantations

As transcribed to me by a teacher of the mystic arts.

As we proceed on the Inner path we will face those who wish to stop us from becoming self-realized. They are called Black Magicians, Demons or Devils. Normally, they do not attack someone until we have awakened the Kundalini force, the Holy Fire that is the force of Good.The purpose of the attacks can often be to scare us so that we stop the Inner work. It is said that when one awakens the Kundalini-force he/she will meet a Black Magician of the opposite sex that will try to make one spill the sexual energies. If this happens one will fall, the Kundalini force will drop and become the Kundartiguador-organ, or “Satan’s tail”, the force of evil. Here we can see that if one wants to go on the path of self-realization it is absolutely necessary NOT to spill the sexual energies, under any circumstances. Black Magicians can also try to attack the physical body while we are in the Astral world, i.e. while our body is sleeping.