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10 great links and 3 Rosicrucian techniques to improve memory

Memory is perhaps the single greatest fulcrum one can use in any instance. It is greater than any strength and can be used at any time. The more robust one’s memory the more knowledgeable and capable the individual. Therefore it is in your best interest to have a good memory; both long term and short term.

These are ten links I have found to be incredibly useful in improving and strengthening one’s memory.
Some of the information may be repeated but repetition is part of improving memory and remembering.

Build Your Memory
You already have an excellent memory. You just don’t know how to use it!” Build Your Memory provides a diverse range of activities to help improve one’s memory. This by far is one of the most useful sites I have been to; and it provides a great starting point for getting a better memory.

Move Your Eyes Improve Memory
If you’re looking for a quick memory fix, move your eyes from side-to-side for 30 seconds, researchers say.” This article gives a brief medical explanation as to why moving your eyes is good for your brain; as well as exercises for eye brain stimulation.
Moving Your Eyes Improves Memory, Study Suggests

Remember To Remember
While one part of the brain was very active when study subjects were memorizing something, a separate area lit up when they were predicting if they’d need to recall the information later” By remembering to remember increases your chances of recall it seems.
Key to a Good Memory: Predict What You Need to Remember

More Links for Memory Improvement
A list of different links and activities to help one improve their memory. Activities include remembering lists to learning a foreign language.
Memory Improvement Tools

Top 10 on improving memory
While many of these have been stressed before they are still an efficacious set to improving ones memory.
How to Improve Your Memory

How memory works and ways to improve memory
This article details what memory is; ways to improve memory; and dietary supplements needed to improve brain development.
Tips and Techniques for Memory Enhancement

NLP approach to better memory
Neurolinguistic programming views and approaches to actively utilizing memory and how to improve it.
My memory isn’t what it used to be!

A Collection of techniques that can strengthen your memory
The Open Educated Database has a great article detailing how “you can go from amnesic to elephantic within a few short weeks.
The Memory Toolbox: 75 Tips and Resources to Go from Amnesic to Elephantic

7 Steps To A Better Memory
Article contains different techniques and meditation techniques to improve relaxation and focus. As well as different mantras to improve memory, stimulate brain activity and relieve stress.
Pranic Healing with mantras

Strengthen the synapses
Research has established that, among its many functions, the synapse plays an important role in learning and memory.
Want To Improve Memory? Strengthen Your Synapses. Here’s How

Once you have digested all of the different varieties of brain exercises you can try one or all of the following Rosicrucian techniques.

A Rosicrucian Prayer
One of the more useful techniques I learned with the Rosicrucian Fellowship was this repetitive prayer. The goal was to allow the mantra to act as a subconscious program; so one could better embody the mantra. The student was given this prayer to recite

“God is light if we walk in the light as he is in the light we will have fellowship one with another.”

Now once this phrase was committed to memory the student would repeat the phrase. Emphasis would be placed on a different word for each repetition. So for the first recitation the emphasis would be on
God. So the 6th recitation would be as follows

“God is light if we walk in the light as he is in the light we will have fellowship one with another.”

The exercise would be repeated until completion of the mantra with emphasis upon the last word another.

This exercise can be replaced with any inspirational phrase though. As such this prayer will embody the practitioner with a dual effect. One benefit is to improve memory the other is to embody the mantra.

The Room
One of the more simple exercises aimed at improving the students memory was that of memorizing a room. The student was asked that upon first entry of a room they look around for a good 30 seconds to one minute and study their surroundings. After one has surveyed the room one would close their eyes and try to recreate the room as close as possible in their mind and then compare the mind’s recreation to the actual room.

The benefits of this exercise are also two fold the first is obvious. The more practice you have the better your memory and recognition skills become. The second purpose is it improves your sense of awareness of your surroundings as well as making you more conscious. This technique can be expanded upon by taking a 30 minute walk and paying close attention to everything you see. Then upon reaching your destination run through in your mind everything you saw. This leads us into our next exercise

The Sleeping Day
When you are ready for bed lay down comfortably and close your eyes. Now replay the day’s events in reverse in your mind. Start with getting in bed and work your way backwards to when you woke up. As you do this, take the time to evaluate each situation that happened through out the day. Decide whether each action you did was positive, negative, or indeterminate; and praise or scold yourself accordingly. The Rosicrucian order I learned this from believes that by doing this exercise every night before bed you save yourself from future reincarnations. But by judging your acts appropriately you cleanse your mind of the day’s stressful activities as well as improve memory and awareness for the next day. Improving memory and awareness is the major benefit to this exercise. If it so happens that it can save you on some reincarnation time then that’s a bonus.

When you have made these three exercises a part of your daily routine. You will start to notice an obvious improvement in memory and awareness. If you know of any exercises not listed in these links or as part of the Rosicrucian exercises I’d love to learn what they are.


  1. Aeon says

    this should come in handy.. regarding the fact that I’ve got my exams this and next week.. haha..

  2. A correction first and then an exercise. Retrospection of the days events does indeed have a side effect of memory enhancement, however that is the result of increasing awareness of the days event. Memory is the result of enhanced waking consciousness. The enhancement or expansion of consciousness is always The Way, the purpose, the fulfillment of potential, which requires a vast quantity of experiences only accessible through the variety of environments offered by the ages of the planet we are evolving through. Therefore retrospection would not have a primary purpose of escaping reincarnation but rather the enhancement or more thorough understanding of the experiences of a day or a life in relation to the potential of which collective Humanity is imbued. To reincarnate or to return to physical existence is necessary. To understand physical consciousness is necessary. Time is not important or even real, therefore multiple lives through eons and ages will continue. How else to gain understanding of the full spectrum of Virtues, Principles, Attributes and the Power to Create Wisely? If any of the events which we chastise ourselves during retrospection were to be allowed into the universe as energies capable of permanent existence there would be unnecessary destruction. This is the reason Humans are allowed or restrained to create only during physical manifestation, …. because their creations are easily destroyed or improved within their consciousness during or between incarnations.
    Well, that is just a start of The Real. Now for a promised exercise. The benefits must be experienced not explained.
    During meditation focus for a short time on the energy within the sacral region of your body. Imagine the energy gathering then funneling into your spinal nerve column. Imagine your hands working and stroking your spinal column to sqeeze this energy up through all the vertabrae; past all the fruit of evolution attached to your internal tree of life. Your kidneys, your liver up, up, up through your heart, nourishing each organ with a refreshing vitality of creative energy. See it energize your heart as you compulsively breathe deeply. See it pass by your larynx and make it shine a bright white flash. Then work it up into your skull and then shatter into beautiful fireworks within your brain. Here the energy mingles with a soft but bright white light that is funneling down a vortex from space, the top of your skull open as the light pours in. …then see an activation of an energy transponderance between your pituitary and pineal glands. From this exercise you are now ready to begin the meditation of your choice. Do this and enlightenment of your subject matter will occur in a matter of hours or most likely over a period of a few days. IF YOU NOTICE. IF YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS IS BECOMING AWARE OF THE REAL SURROUNDING YOU. Take notice, but as in Buddhism if you struggle to see then you will blind yourself.
    NOW, the great caution. Should you continue this exercise, then over time you will develop insight,intuition and to a degree some foreknowledge. If you pursue such power generation only for curiosity and for matters of the self, the result will be isolation and insanity. If you pursue such power generation for universal goodness and Human evolution then much satisfaction and internal Peace will be experienced and yes you will have an improved “memory”. This is such an elementary explanation that your misuse of this exercise will burden me with isolation and I will face the insanity that will be generated, … but, …. we are experiencing the insanity of our collective consciousness generated over countless lives so far. We are One, … you and I. So be it.

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