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You have 24 hours left what do you do?

Often times we are over run by too many events in our daily lives. We are constantly thinking and doing. Many of us never even stop to realize that as we move on so too does the limited time in our life. Perhaps we can gain a moment of insight when we are faced with our own eminent demise. For those of us who have been fortunate or unfortunate enough to experience such a thing then we may perhaps have a better appreciation for our time here.

The purpose of thinking about what you would do with the last twenty four hours of your life is a great exercise. It can often reveal a great amount about your motivations, purpose, and even show you your true self. However since you are reading this you are not like most people.

Now take a moment, if now does not work you can do this later. Make yourself comfortable and think.

What would you do with the last 24 hours of your life?

Would you spend those last moments trying to stop whatever event might bring about your demise? Will you spend your last moments with friends and family, or perhaps even spend those last precious moments on an extravagant party. There was a man who was presented with this very argument, but instead of twenty four hours the doctors‘ had given him only three months to live. What his illness was is not important but what he did speaks the world of him.

Now knowing I have only a few months to live I have in my mind two options. I can stay at home feeling sorry for myself and die slowly, or I can do what I have always wanted to do. My choice can’t be any easier. As soon as I get back from the hospital I’ll call up my best friend, and tell him to get ready for a trip. Since I just applied for a few more credit cards and raised the limits on all of my others I will have well over $100,000 in disposable income. The first place I want to go is the Grand Canyon, then to the Hoover Dam and travel all across the country.

Geoff and I have been living it up, my treat of course. I finally got to eat shark, it was delicious, actually I have not eaten a single bad meal. The best so far has been wearing clothes that I never thought I could even touch. I mean how many people can actually get to say they had a suit hand tailored to them? This vacation has really made my pain bearable and I am finally able to pay back Geoff for all he and his family have done for me.

I really hope this trip will never end, and looking back my only regret is that I wish I wasn’t so damn antisocial then maybe I wouldn’t be so lonely. Today Geoff and I are making arrangements to have a stray dog shipped back from Mexico. I wish I could help all the animals here but I don’t have much time so i am doing what I can.

Geoff and I will be flying back home in two days, but all I have to say is thank you. I’m afraid I can’t write anymore it just hurts too much.

Now we can’t exactly condone the credit card debt this man accumulated as it was never paid, but he did do the best he could with what he had. He answered the question what would you do with the time you have left, and he was happy with the results. So what is your answer to this question? Mine is that I may make some difference in the last few moments I have here and hopefully someone will pick up where I left off.

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