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You aren’t that lucky

I have encountered far too many people that are too eager to believe the improbable. Wether they believe in haunted houses, psychic phenomena , or that they are the reincarnation of a God. One thing is for certain, while anything is possible it doesn’t make it probable.

I am the reincarnated soul of Leonardo Da Vinci! Yes, you and five other people I have met this week. Now you can’t all be Leonardo Da Vinci, and I highly doubt, assuming reincarnation is possible, that Leonardo Da Vinci would even come back to this place. Leonardo Da Vinci was a very adept artist engineer and rosicrucian. Just because you may have read a few books on magic and saw the Da Vinci Code it does not make you Leonardo Da Vinci.

It is a common mistake of many young eager and over imaginative persons to think that they are special or somehow different than everyone else. I hate to be the harbinger of reality but you aren’t that lucky. Even if I give you the benefit of the doubt and assume just for one moment in a past life you were some great soul, what are you now. If you were so special then what are you doing now, and do you really think the reincarnated soul of Leonardo Da Vinci would be working at McDonalds? I mean yes maybe as a manager, but a line chef?

By assuming you are someone other than yourself you have a case of ego-megalomania and or a severe self-esteem disorder. The only way you can get over either of these is to admit who you are now. Let go of any glorious preconceptions you may have and accept who you are now and make the most of it. Living in delusions of a past grandeur is no way to live now.

Ghosts, and Haunted Houses
Did you hear that? Yeah I did! It’s a Ghost! Or it could be any number of logical phenomena. A settling house, an odd shadow, a minor seismic disturbance, a subtle breeze from outside, but a Ghost? That sounds a bit suspicious to me. Haunted houses and the belief in ghosts are an easy excuse for many of us to explain our fears. It is after all in our nature to be afraid of that which we don’t understand. But the more gullible and poorly educated we are, the easier it is to choose the crazy answer. I can best describe this as a scene from the movie Joan of Arc.

Satan: “The sword. The sword lying in the field.”

Jenne: “That was a sign.”

Satan: “No. That was a sword in a field.”

Jenne: “No. No. That was a sign.”

Satan: “No, that was a sword in a field.”

Jenne: “It can’t just get there by itself. It can’t.”

Jenne: “A sword just doesn’t get there by itself.”

Satan: “True. Every event has an infinite number of causes, so why pick one?”

Satan: “There are many ways a sword might find it self in a field.”

Satan: “Seems a perfectly valid explanation, but how about this one?” Battle depicted where a warrior drops his sword. “Then again, there are other possibilities.” Traveling cart drops a sword. “Or even faster.”

Satan: “And that’s without counting the inexplicable. Yet from an infinite number of possibilities, you had to pick this one.” Sword depicted descending from heaven and landing on the ground. “You didn’t see what was, Jeanne. You saw what you wanted to see.”

What the eyes see and the ears hear the mind believes. I can’t discount though that just maybe a house could be haunted, but using an EMF detector or laser targeted thermometer does not count as scientific proof. A scientific theory undergoes rigorous trials and errors and isolates causes and effects. Just because one trial seems unexplainable does not make it so.

Many times when we are vulnerable or eager, we see something, hear something and we want to believe. We want there to be something interesting something mysterious or amazing in the world, but we need to be willing to accept the fact that chances are there is nothing amazing.

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