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Why religion, Christianity, conquers all or My First Exorcism

Only having been a Christian am I able to reveal, understand, and explain how evangelism operates. Only by having been a devout Christian can I explain why you have power over all magic!

Jesus Christ

It was a night like any other. It was early fall and it was warm outside. It was actually quite beautiful and there was even a crisp breeze. It was the kind of fall night like you read about; ironic that I am writing about it.

My friend had invited me to a group Bible study. The topic for the evening was how Christians were being captured in the middle east and being sold as slaves. One thought ran through my mind; “What about the non-Christians?” The night progressed and there was no actual study of the Bible; merely speculation and opinion; with the occasional use of biblical passage to support ideas.

All and all I was quite disgusted and disappointed by the whole thing. Perhaps the most noteworthy part of the meeting was the group prayer. Most Christian groups will pray silently. These folks however all prayed at once and all out loud. The scene was reminiscent of something you may see in a horror movie. The interesting part was, is that it was in promotion of mainstream Christianity.

After the prayer session was over my friend took me outside; and asked what I had thought of the whole thing. To be honest I said it was a disappointment. This answer did not appease my friend as he instantly looked to me like I was an enemy. This man who I had previously trusted with everything was now turning on me. I could not understand. In a short time the conversation went from a simple questionnaire to an accusation. Yes, I told him I did remove my cross while they were praying. It was because it was itching me that is all.

My friend had taken this to mean I was possessed by a demon. For the next two hours we remained outside and he continued his assault. I told him how I had been practicing Shamanism for three years. I told him how my power animal wanted him to stop his onslaught. This only encouraged his case. “You are being deceived by a demon of deception” he said. “I can see it standing behind you!”

“That’s ridiculous I would notice a demon if it were here.”

“No you can’t it is behind you.” This started to set my nerves on fire. What if this thing I thought was my power animal was actually a demon. What would I do. More and more the conversation continued like this until finally. What i can only describe as surreal, I forced my power animal or this demon from me. It was like a black puddle on the ground. I ran behind my friend. I was terrified, he saw the puddle on the ground and we both stepped back as it rushed along the ground and passed through him to get to me.

“Help me! What do I do?!” The amorphous blob followed me where ever I ran.

“Accept Jesus into your heart! Christ will give you infinite power over Satan!” Was this possible up until now all of my experience with demons and the like had been limited to my own experience. My mind in a panic I did not know what to do so I on that evening in October I became a Christian. Instantly the puddle disappeared and I felt a serene peace wash over me. My friend felt it as well. I went home forever changed.”

Now what had happened that night could be explained several ways. The first is yes I was possessed by a demon and he performed the first of several exorcisms upon me. The second is that the power of the mind conquers all.

The blob although difficult to explain, was in fact a manifestation of our cumulative subconscious energy. It’s all in the mind, there is much about our brains we do not know. It is our natural instinct to reach for the quickest simplest explanation. In this case, a demon was made manifest and Christ became my savior. Christianity has one of the most effectual uses of brainwashing. I walked as a “true Christian” for near a year. The psychological tactics employed but evangelist and more pro-active Christian groups are truly powerful. What the eyes see and the ears hear the mind believes.

How does Christianity give power over all? Quite simply when one becomes indoctrinated as a “true Christian” your wet-ware is rewritten. Christ has the power to heal, and to help. In reality what is happening is that you have just been given a conduit to focus your subconscious energy as well as the force and support of others. This is why the easiest way to protect yourself from black magic or ghosts is to become a Christian. Christ gives you power and strength where you had none, he allows you to do what you thought impossible. It is a combination of faith and pure will power. Yes we can see these things as intervention of the divine. Truly Christianity conquers all because we let it. Things only have the power we give them. This is why any religion, any belief when practiced and powered ardently enough can become a reality. Let this be a lesson to our readers, everything you need is here now. You just have to open the door.


  1. Ashlar says

    Is there a higher frequency of demons near cemetries?

    I am staying temporarirly in a motel, which I noticed today to be just next to a cemetry. And the owner of the motel actually is a craftsman who builds tombstones!

    Yesterday night while asleep, I got a rush of vibrations, and my body face upwards was being pushed into the ceiling which was inscribed with a pattern of black crosses. There was a noise which sounded very evil, but can’t detect any vocal in it. I was pushed into the ceiling 3 times, but a force was attempting to keep me away from touching it. Eventually I woke up from the nightmare, though it took some time to completely realize I was awake, sort of got paralyzed and could see my hand above me mutated, but when I really woke up…I was glad to find my hand in one piece :))

    dream or demon?

  2. Thank you both for taking the time to comment. Ashlar what you are describing sounds very familiar to events that can occur in the hypnagogic state. I will refer you to this article. Hypnagogia In the mean time remember that things only have the power you give them if it helps you may perform the protection ritual found in last week’s gnostic lesson.

    A book you may gain some insight from is Dion Fortune’s book on Psychic Self Defense.

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