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Why me?

Some people are born less fortunate than others. Yet some are born more fortunate. Why couldn’t I have been born more beautiful, sexy, strong, handsome, and rich? That is what many of us ask ourselves. A product of envy? To some extent maybe but why the cruel joke upon humanity. Why is it that some people are born rich, beautiful and smart and others are born desolate, deformed, and stupid? Why indeed I wish I had an answer to give you my friend, but I don’t. Some could say it is a test from God, others say it is the Karma we have wrought. Some even say if not you then who? Why does the artist create? Why does the yogi meditate? What is it that drives us?

We spend most of our lives looking for a distraction hoping that we will come to some sort of solution, find some moment of happiness. Some Most people on this earth will never be happy. Why is that? Most of it is because of where someone is born along with what kind of family they are born into. There are some who would have you believe that you attracted everything to you. That is and escapist answer, as much as it is God’s will. The truth is we are too terrified to admit that there may not be a reason as to why we are who we are.

Does this mean we need to give up and say, oh well? No, absolutely not! In fact some of the most amazing people started out with nothing and forced their way to the top. One of the most amazing persons to do this was Joseph Greenstein also known as The Mighty Atom. Joe has left us with one of the most amazing stories anyone could ever hear.

Joe GreensteinAs a child, doctors had diagnosed Joe with a number of illnesses and said that he did not have long to live. After overhearing this Joe decided to run away. Joe had desperately wanted to see the strong man at the circus. So he snuck into the tent when he was accosted by “security”. The strong man, Volanko had heard the ruckus from his tent and went outside to see poor Joe bloody and sprawled upon the ground. Volanko took Joe into his tent and had his assailant fired. Joe could not understand why he did this. Joe and Volanko had a long discussion and Joe told him all about his illness. It was Volanko who started Joe on the path to become a strong man and while training with Volanko Joe’s illness disappeared never to reappear. Joe’s story does not end here though. Volanko had given Joe everything he needed to be self-sustaining. Joe had successfully beaten his birth right of being an ill boy. This was not Joe’s last trial though far from it, it was just the begining.

The Mighty Atom’s story taught me many things. The most important is to never give up no matter what. Our will is stronger than we may give it credit for. While I can’t explain why we are here, and why we are in the positions we are in. I can say, that when life deals us a bad hand, we owe it to ourselves to do the best we can with what we have. Instead of focusing on the negatives in life we should focus on the positives even if for a moment just to say “I AM alive.” So is it bad to wish sometimes that we had this or that? No, just as long as you don’t let it dictate your life.

* Spiritual Journey of Joseph L. Greenstein: The Mighty Atom

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  1. Interesting post. This reminds me… I checked out both seasons of Carnivale. D*mn… you didn’t tell me that it got pulled off the air at the end of season 2! I’m fiending for another season.

    Good show… thanks for letting me know about it.

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