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What was Faust really about?

There is a well known book in the Thelemic community known as Lemegeton Clavicula Salomonis, The Goetia, or it’s more popular name The Lesser Key of Solomon. This tome details 72 demons and how to conjure, control, and other wise have your way with the most powerful forces of darkness. However there is a price.

To most people the play of Faust by Goethe was about Dr. Faust trying to trick and deceive the devil, Mephistopheles. To an superficial extent yes it was, but you see Goethe was no ordinary playwright he was also known as a Rosicrucian, an alchemist and much more. This becomes overly apparent in Faust.

As Faust sits in his chamber he calls to the spirits, reciting their names and proper binding rituals to contain their strengths. Faust does not call upon any creative fictional spirits but spirits from none other than those in The Lesser Key of Solomon.

You will not find any of the spirits mentioned in Faust in the Lesser Key of Solomon. Why is that? Goethe did not want to name a specific spirit in his play because it could very well give the real spirit empowerment in an unintentional conjuring during the show. This was why he used the term spirit and invented Mephistopheles. The viewer or reader should take note that as the play progresses, Faust even gives mention to the Key of Solomon.

Goethe has perhaps named the book Faust uses so as to make it abundantly clear to the reader that in fact this is a well known tome and not one of fictitious sorts. As we follow the story further we will even learn that Mephistopheles will frequently enter a broken drawn circle. To our clever readers you will know the circle is mentioned in the Lesser Key of Solomon as a means to protect oneself from the Goetic Demons.

So was Faust really about tricking the devil? No it was a warning to all magicians, thelemists, rosicrucians, and priests to be careful and beware in working with demons. They are far older and wiser than you, and you cannot hope to outwit them so proceed with extreme caution or face a grisly outcome.


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