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Top 10 things to do instead of using a love spell

10. Give them a gift or a compliment
Before you go stalking that new special someone; or try to force them into something they may not want. Try giving them a present, if it is a woman try flowers, a man try food. A simple gesture like giving someone a present works worlds better than casting a magic spell. No money? Try a compliment, wow I really love the way that dress compliments your eyes. Compliments help people feel better about themselves, and it will put you on that person’s radar. At least they will say hi to you next time around.

9. Take a bath or get some new clothes
It’s quite possible the reason that special someone has been running form you is because they can smell you a mile away. If it is not that then it could be that mullet you have been sporting since 1986. Maybe even that fanny pack around your waste. Bathe with some nice scented oils and go to Express and have someone there help you pick out some new clothes. New clothes and clean skin and hair will have you feeling much better about yourself; and may even catch the eye of that special someone.

8. Write them a letter
How do I love thee let me count the ways. Ever since I first saw you… Write the love of your life a letter professing how you feel. Write every detail of how much you love them and how much you want to be with them. Then take the letter and flush it down the toilet. Not only is writing therapeutic for you, but it will help your subconscious clear itself up a bit of some pent up stress.

7. Talk with your love
Talking or socializing with someone will often do worlds for you. Especially when you show your love you are more than the creepy guy or girl that is always eyeing them from the corner. This is your chance to show them that you don’t always wear your superman shirt. Better yet let them do the talking. Don’t let them do all the talking or you could be worse off than when you started.

6. Lucid dreaming
Can’t get the real thing? Try the next best thing lucid dreaming . In a lucid dream you have opportunity to talk to your love, as well as the possibility to follow your dreams with them. Just remember to differentiate from the dream lover to the real person.

5. Make them laugh
Nothing catches someone off guard, like some quick witted humor or slapstick. If you can get the person of your affections to laugh; then you may well be on the road to success. Humor, gives the person an opportunity to feel more relaxed and comfortable. Chances are if they laugh, then they would be willing to spend some time with you too; or at least talk to you.

4. Be honest with them
Have you told the person how you feel? Have you even asked them to spend some time with you? It may be time to spill your guts. Let your love know that you are a real person, and every time they look at you you get knots in your stomach. If you are lucky they might just feel the same way.

3. Be confident
Be confident, not arrogant. Carry yourself well, just do, don’t think. Nothing says capable and attractive more to someone than confidence. When a person sees someone who is confident, it helps the confident person to stand out. It shows your love that you aren’t afraid and you are ready to face anything. People always look for someone to look up to or admire. So you need to be that someone to admire. If you don’t have any confidence or you are too shy then fake it until you do.

2. Spend time with your friends
So you tried all of things above and to no avail. You can’t spend all your time obsessing over your long lost Lenore. Take a break and hang out with your friends. If your love is a frequent topic of conversation change topics. Just count on your friends to help you forget.

1. Let go, get over it
Chances are if you are seeking help from a love spell and or potion; things are probably beyond help. It is time to admit to yourself maybe things weren’t meant to be and let go. There are over 6 billion people on this planet, and chances are you will live for an average of ninety years. It is time to cut your losses and move on. Besides, what often happens when we get the ones we love; we find out it was only the idea of them that we loved. Some things are best left unknown. The object of your love spell affections is one of them. Now say goodbye and call your friends again, it could be a long night.


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