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The trouble with psychics

There is no doubt that we as a species have always been concerned with the things beyond our control. Even today we constantly manipulate and bend things to go in our favor. We do this without care for others or what their beliefs may be. We do this even if it means we have to lie, cheat and steal to get what we need. At what point though does it leave the harmless white lie and extend to a potentially damaging problem?

Some people are born gullible, or rather without commonsense. Is it their fault that perhaps their cognitive faculties are not up to par with the rest of the species? Maybe maybe not, the lowest form of predator are those who would prey upon someone’s emotions. What kind of person would manipulate and misconstrue our emotions when we are at our worst? Allow me to tell you about my old neighbor.

You see she recently lost her young son in a car accident and this has left her completely broken willed. Most recently though her dog was hit by a car and is in intensive care. With all this stress my neighbor has to see a therapist on a regular basis to help regain her composure.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with seeing a therapist except for the fact that her therapist is a “psychic”. This “psychic” recently told her that she needs to play Shadow of the Colossus because it is a healing game. How the hell is a game where you kill giant beasts to bring back your deceased love a healing game?! For that matter how could any video game be considered a healing game? A distraction from reality yes, but a healing game?!

As if this were not bad enough when she told the psychic about her dog being hit the psychic told her she should have foreseen her son’s death because of the dog’s name. You see the dog, Clyde was actually her son’s dog but she took it on as her legacy. The psychic went on to say that in the dog’s name you could spell die dye. Wait by rearranging the letters of CLYDE I get dye but die? Amazingly the psychic knew this because the dog’s name also contained the first letter of my neighbor’s name and her son’s name. It is because of this logic that the word dye becomes an omen.

What this psychic said is outrageous. Not only is this psychic pulling magical therapeutic meaning from their ass, but they are charging to do it! I wish I could say this was the only case of a psychic lying and preying on someone’s emotions but there are far too many convicted of such fraud. I am sure many of us remember Miss. Cleo renowned TV advertising phone psychic. She was charged and convicted of fraud back in 2002. There was also psychic Sophie Evon of Seattle, Washington who charged $220,000 to remove a curse from a client’s in-law, she still remains a fugitive. Next up is Tammy Mitchell of Creskill, NJ who for the low price of $30,000 removed a curse from a client’s mother, she pleaded not guilty. The list goes on and on and all of them either pleaded not guilty or ran away.

There is nothing worse than a con man or con woman who believes their own lies. As much as many of us would like to believe that there is an afterlife, or there is magic in this world, I am afraid to say it is starting to look like there isn’t. Maybe in medieval times you could get away with some clever tricks but even 200 years ago you would have trouble being a psychic. Houdini spent much of his life debunking psychics, fortune tellers, ghost photography, and more. If psychics had any actual power then why haven’t they taken the million dollar prize that James Randi offers? Anyone that can prove they have “super powers” can get the million dollars? Honestly, I wish someone could claim it, not only would it provide hope for many spiritualists but it would separate the frauds from true power. That is just a dream though.


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  1. Yeah, these guys are dangerous. They are excellent detectives, they will find any information they can get on you, they are well trained in manipulation and will take advantage of your fears and insecurities, give you false hopes (and more fears) and then cash in. Kind of like sect leaders. But when you look at it a bit longer, it’s pretty much the same thing as the church. Come pray, ask God for forgiveness for your sins, have no ambitions or curiosity in seeking your own truth but trust in us and God, and please remember to leave a little cash in the alms dish and give us power over your country and lives.

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