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The secret behind The Secret

There has been quite a bit of stir as of late about the movie The Secret . The Secret claims to have its origins in the mystical traditions of the ancient world. The movie does not provide much supporting material for such claims short of using several quotes from famous historical people. Before we start if you haven’t seen The Secret yet you can check out the first 20 minutes of it on google .

Let’s be honest there is no ancient text called “The Secret”. Yes, most of these texts were esoteric in nature hence secret, but this was for a very good reason and it was even expressed by Jesus

“Do not give what is holy to dogs, and do not throw pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn and tear you to pieces.”
– Matthew 7:6

These sacred laws were kept hidden to keep them safe from people who do not understand or appreciate them. Worse still they needed to be guarded from those who would try to corrupt them.

The origin of The Secret text is revealed to us in the first minute of the video, it is The Emerald Tablet of Hermes . What is the Emerald Tablet? Well let’s take a look at The Emerald Tablet and see if we can decipher the origins of The Secret.

The first paragraph of the Emerald Tablet says that; Our actions directly impact those around us and even extend to things beyond our capabilities. This law extends to the rotation of the planets as well as to the insects that live underground. Everything is connected and has an impact on everything else.

Now how often have we thought what would of happened if I had… instead of… and then maybe things would have turned out differently. This is an example of the law at work, but is this the law of attraction that The Secret talks about?

Now let’s look at what the second part is trying to tell us. Energy, is in everything. Because energy exists in everything it can have power over everything. This is why even the simplest thought, or interaction, even in animals, insects and people can affect our lives.”

The rest of the tablet just describes why Hermes Trismegistus is who he is and knows what he knows. Given our interpretation we can start to see how thoughts can alter the world we live in. This still does not explain the law of attraction in The Secret or how the law came about.

If we do more research about The Emerald Tablet we come to find out that it was once translated by Isaac Newton, the originator of the law of attraction! Isaac Newton’s law states:

“The force of gravity is related to the inverse square of the distance between two objects.”

This clearly is not the same law demonstrated in The Secret “Our thoughts create our reality.” But at least we can start to see how Newton applied the principals of the Emerald Tablet to his Law of Attraction.

Going back to the first five minutes of The Secret Bob Proctor proceeds to explain to us the laws of the universe. The law he is explaining is what is described in the Emerald Tablet of Hermes. Now we can say that the secret is based upon the esoteric texts of ancient times! This also remains to be just the begining. The Emerald Tablet even says:

“Therefore am I called Hermes Trismegistus, having the three parts of the philosophy of the whole world. What I have to tell is completed, concerning the Operation of the Sun.”

Doesn’t this imply that there are two more laws?
Then what are those laws? Several books have been written on the subject and one in particular deals with seven hermetic principles derived from The Emerald Tablet.

The book is called The Kybalion and it was written by the three initiates in 1912. The book doesn’t say what Hermes other possible laws might be but it does provide us with further insight on how the tablet may be interpreted.

But being derived from ancient texts doesn’t even give The Secret too much validity. After all mankind used to believe that human sacrifice was beneficial and that it appeased the Gods, who were of course also human. The idea behind _The Secret as I said was that our thoughts create our reality and more specific whatever we think is attracted to us.

Yes, of course whatever we think is “attracted” to us. Here is our point, if we buy a new brand X computer then almost “magically” we will start to see brand X computers everywhere we go. Is this because suddenly now that we have purchased a brand X computer everyone else has decided to buy one? No, this is because we have become more consciously aware and observant of the existence of brand X computers. There has been a shift in awareness from our subconscious mind to our conscious mind.

The law of attraction works so much to the extent that we have changed our observation habits so that we see and are aware of only the object on our minds. In this case we are now aware of brand X computers. This same rule can be applied to anything, it is not some sort of mystical cosmic law but a simple application of brain power. If we devote our attention to only seeing brand X computers then that is all we will see, we will even begin to ignore all other brands. By purchasing our brand X computer we have now trained our mind to see what we want to, and as a result it will respond as such.

To say that our thoughts create our reality is akin to saying that Pavlov’s Dog created food whenever it heard a bell ring. This does not apply just to “The Law of Attraction” ,which we might add is a new term to coincide with the recent new age movement, but it applies to everything we do. When we put all of our time and focus upon a certain subject, we will see results pertaining to our focus even if it is gradual.


  1. “No, this is because we have become more consciously aware and observant of the existence of brand X computers.”

    I get that all the time. Usually it’s when I learn a new word, and suddenly I keep hearing people say it. That always gives me a feeling of bewilderment, as I never know if I’ve never actually heard it before or if I’ve been filtering it out all the years due to some weird trick of the brain.

  2. Good read.

    Annie and I just saw this. A friend of hers said we “just had to see it”.

    Nothing new presented in the film.

    I personally believe that human thought “creates” in so much as it discovers new possibilities and from that something new is brought about. Much like sending Astronauts to the moon. It starts out as an idea, is presented in stories or fiction and then humanity focuses on it and finds a solution through the use of the existing laws of nature.

    As for bettering your life, it all comes down to the glass half full/half empty viewpoint. A person who’s the glass half-full might tend to go after their goals more than the one who sees it half-empty and as such, increases his/her chance of achieving the goal.

    As for the greedy, materialistic, anglocentric viewpoints spewed out by this “self-help” film, it’s a sad state of affairs. In one part of the film they speak about something, I forget what, and rattle off names of countries, not once mentioning any from Africa, Central or South America… completely ignoring them regarding the subject.

    The basic lesson from this film, all your problems are attributed to you and nothing else…so the attrocities that the Nazis commited were the Jews fault, if you follow their logic.

    Oprah’s true colors show through due to her support of this crap.

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