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The Mysterious Landscape of Dreams

On more than one occasion, I have had dreams that have changed my life. Dreams are a most peculiar thing. Some psychologists would write them off as mere thought dumps. Dreams are no more than your subconscious trying to expel itself of stress. Other psychologists believe that dreams contain a great deal of important information. Well I am sure both of these each play a role.

The power we have in dreams is like no other. Especially in those of a lucid dream, but it is not my intent to tell you how to have a lucid dream today. We merely wish to get you upon the path of paying attention to your dreams. No matter what they represent to us one thing is certain, no one really knows why we dream. Dreams are of such peculiar things that they are cause of numerous cases of deja vu. I can’t tell you how many times I have dreamed of places I have never been to, only to end up visiting them months later.

Perhaps one of the most intriguing things about dreams is that numerous people have had dreams of the future and they came true. Now this type of scenario becomes very difficult to prove or disprove simply because it is a matter of your word against theirs. From experience though I can officially say that by remembering my dreams, I was able to save my life and change the course of actions that would have occurred otherwise. Normally I would not advocate such baseless argument but there is no greater teacher than experience.

Before we can even hope of dreaming of the future or even start to analyze our dreams we need to first be able to remember them. There are a number of mnemonic devices that you can use to help you accomplish this.

Record your dreams daily in a journal by your bed.
By keeping a record of your dreams not only do you encourage your mind to begin recalling your dreams but you begin the first steps of lucid dreaming. In order for this to be successful you need to record your dreams for at least a month. The longer the better, because then it becomes a matter of remembering colors, smells, and conversation.

Before going to sleep repeat to your self “I will remember my dreams.”
This positive affirmation tells your subconscious and your conscious self to do exactly what you say. I have often found that if I forget to write down my dreams the night before, then this will remind me to do it the next day.

Maintain a normal sleeping schedule.
If you have an erratic sleeping schedule then it is going to interfere with your R.E.M (rapid eye movement) sleep cycle and your body may not even have a chance to dream.

Wake up in the middle of the night and then go back to sleep.
Not only do you get to fall asleep again but by waking yourself in the middle of the night you have a high chance of waking yourself in the middle of a dream. This provides a great opportunity for you to write down what you were dreaming. Don’t make the mistake of thinking the dream is so fresh in your mind that surely you will remember it in the morning because chances are you won’t.

Once you have these techniques mastered for remembering your dreams, then we may begin to look at learning how to accomplish lucid dreaming. That is a lesson for another day though. But as the old cliche goes, I hope you have sweet dreams.

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