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The missing savior

It is now Passover and the Jewish people are showing their thanks for the events that happened in the book of Exodus. On Sunday Christians will celebrate the resurrection of Christ. But, we are now in the most chaotic and overwhelming time in history. I ask where are the messiahs, prophets, and miracle workers? Has technology and “civilization” killed them?

It has been many centuries now and it seems our miracles are few and far between. Most miracles can be explained by simple scientific reasoning. Even the Catholic papacy has adopted rigorous testing methods before a miracle is declared. So what has become of our mystics, saints, prophets and messiahs? If you follow world religion, you will see that the messiahs have been many, from Krishna, Mohammed, Moses, Jesus Christ, and Buddha. Where are they now? Many of our religious texts give mention that they will make their appearance soon or they may already be here.

I would almost be satisfied with an evil messiah, because at least then we know its counter part can exist. If we look to India we can find some modern day saints. Take Amma for example, she is almost akin to a modern day jesus. She has cured leprosy, and even converted water into panchamrutham. These claims unfortunately only substantiated by her followers. When one is overcome by their faith and zealotry that will only see what they want to. Is this hugging saint a modern day prophet? That is for you to decide.

If we continue to search for our messiahs we will find those people who think they are our messiah. Jose de Jesus believes that he is the second coming of Christ. His devout followers and himself have tattooed themselves with the number 666. He teaches that there is no need for prayer because when he first died all of our sins were erased. What are his miracles? When we researched more on Jose we could not find any record of what we would call miracles. He merely acts as any other zealous pastor, except with no holy rolling.

It seems there are few people willing and able to take the claim of messiah, saint, or prophet. It seems even less probable that anyone is even capable of performing miracles described in days of old. Perhaps the only evidence we have is to know that modern technology is the past’s miracle. So in biblical times when cures were administered, it is probably nothing more than the first administration of penicillin. Where are our saviors or did we never really have any?

If there is someone or some miracle you feel we have overlooked then please let us know.

* Jose De Jesus
* "Amma Healing the Heart of the World

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