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The Lesser Banishment Ritual of the Pentagram

The Lesser Banishment Ritual of the Pentagram, or LBRP as it will be called, has been a staple in my morning exercises and ritual for quite sometime. It is a meditation and visualization exercise most every neophyte should know. I have practiced several variants of it including one of all cartoon characters. The results still yield the same.

To begin the LBRP face east; place feet together and put your two hands together in front of your face as if you were praying lower them to the right and then to the left; finally cross them over your chest. While you do this intone the following.

“To the God is the kingdom the power and the glory on the ages of the ages.” This declares your intentions to the universe that what is about to happen next if of spiritual significance. The Cabalistic cross is a staple in the Western mystery tradition.

Upon completion of the cross place your right foot forward and using your index finger and middle finger, start from lower left and draw a pentagram. Envision the pentagram as a bright burning blue. When you have finished drawing the first pentagram stab the center of it and intone “Adonai”.

Place your right step forward and walk a quarter circle now you face the south. Draw the pentagram again and when you are done stab at the center and intone “Y-H-V-H” or yehovah, jehovah. Turn right and walk another quarter circle. You now face west draw another pentagram; stab at the center and intone “AGLA” (this means thou art mighty forever o lord). Turn right again and walk another quarter circle. Draw the final pentagram; stab at the center and intone “IEH-IEH”. Walk the last quarter circle until you are facing east again.

Now with arms outstretched say
“Raphael before me.” Envision an angel with his back to you holding a spear. Allow the power of wind to enter into your being and flow through you.

“Gabriel behind me.” Envision an angel standing behind you with his back to you. In his hands a goblet of water. Allow the essence of water to combine with air and fill your being.

“To the right of me Mikal” Envision an angel standing to the right of you with his back to you.In his hands a flaming sword. Allow the intensity of heat and fire to fill your being. Let it blend with water and air.

“To the left Uriel” Envision an angel standing to the left of you with his back to you. In his hand a large shield. The power of earth grounds you.

“Around me the pentagram.” Above me and in me the six rayed star. Envision a hexagram above you a pure brilliant white burning light casting down through you and expanding through the area instantly banishing all darkness and negativity.

Close with the Cabalistic cross and you have completed the LBRP.

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