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The King and the Disciple: Part One

Taken from The Great Book of Magical Art, Hindu Magic And East Indian Occultism

A Certain king of the capital city of the province of — , who was withal a great philosopher, had previously heard of the writer’s ability as an Adept, and was greatly interested. Some time after this a Disciple of mine, visited the king, who asked him about the wonderful occult powers and wonders of his master and teacher.

The Adept listened to the king’s story, and the king asked the Adept (my Disciple) whether he could himself, in addition to his Occult powers, manifest in words, like his master, and if so, how it could be attained.

The Adept, who as stated above, had been a Disciple and student of the writer’s answered: O king, thou knowest not how thou hast embarrassed me. For when we are young, and finding we have the natural powers for an Adept, we go before a master Adept to be taught all the Occult and Spiritual Secrets and Powers of the order; and here we take a most binding oath never to reveal any of our signs and Occult mysteries, binding ourselves under great and terrible penalties, which I cannot name to thee.

Know then, O king, I can answer all thy questions, and am desirous to serve thee, but what shall I do?

The king said: I, Being king, absolve thee from thy oath. The Adept said: Compared to my power, as a disciple of — de Laurence, thy power, O king, is but as a chaff before the wind. In my subtle realms are the keys of all dominions. Not only do I and my craft rule over mortals, but over the spirits of the dead.

My oath, then, is too great for thee to absolve, for I cannot even absolve it myself.

The king said: since, then, thou canst not do all things, and especially, absolve an oath, thou art not sufficient for me to deal with thee.

The Adept being desirous of pleasing the king, whom had shown him great favor on certain occasions, said: As for that, O king, I tell thee: I cannot reveal all, for the virtue of my Occult powers dependeth much on their secrets and mystery.

Nevertheless, as I am very grateful for favors granted me, and the interest thou hast shown in my life work, I might reveal an index to thee, to which, if thou wouldst apply thyself diligently, as my CHELA ( Disciple ) thou mightest attain the remainder. To all of which the king gladly agreed.

The king thereupon requested my Disciple to perform before him. agreeing to award him well for instruction imparted, and also for any knowledge gained from the spirits.

The Adept at once fell to work, performing wonderful feats, such as causing the tables, and seats, and desks to move about and to roll over; and to cause voices to speak in unseen places.

He also caused birds to sit on the king’s shoulder.
The king said unto him. All these things I have witnessed before, but never performed so well as by thou.

Show me now, whilst thou remainest here, how thou canst see into my neighbor’s house:

The Adept said: Yea, O king; but for that feat it is necessary to enter the state of the holy ghost (trance), and the price is expensive. The king said I will pay thee: therefore enter for the state of trance.

My Disciple therefore turned up his eyes and gave a shudder, as one dying, and having stretched himself on the floor, had the king question him.

The king said: Here is chalk; mark thou on the floor the character which is on top of my tablet, on the left of the throne. Thereupon my Disciple marked correctly.

And now again the king tried him as his powers to see without eyes, and in far-offplaces; and, having proved him in many ways, the king said; Canst thou also show the spirits of the dead? My Disciple said: Of a truth I can, O king, But that requires me to enter the sublime state of creation.

He then went in a dark corner and laid himself down on the floor, and then entered the state of trance, and was quite motionless and stiff, like one that is quite dead. Presently a light like a thin smoke rose up from teh body and stood a little aside, and a voice spake out of the light saying.

Who art thou that callest up the spirits of the dead? Beware! He whose body lieth stiff and cold beside me, is one of the heirs of the immortal spirits.

What would thou, man of the earth?

The spirit then assumed mortal shape and stood before the king, even while my Disciple’s body lay on the floor in sight also.

The spirit said: What question is it troubleth thee, O king? Speak thou, and I will answer thee, for I am all Wisdom and truth personified

The king said. Why hast thou not appeared to me before this? Why have I been left in the dark as to thy real existence? Answer thou me this, for it is the foundation on which I desire to rest many questions. The spirit said. I have been with thee from thy youth up, watching over thee, thou shalt become a great king becasue thou hast sought out and desireth to know all that thou mightest attain if thee apply thyself diligently to learn all secrets of our brotherhood of Adepts.

After my Disciple had left, I was requested by the king to appear before him, and when I had come, he said unto me: Some years since I heard of thee, and that thou wert profound. I am delighted thou hast come before me again, that I may question thee.

I replied. When thou heardest me before a brother Adept in spirit life spake through me. Now I am well learned, and this spirit commandeth me to speak of my own knowledge.

I am a man as thou art: yet every man hath a different duty. Thou art king of this province, and I am told, moreover, thou art good and wise. I trust thou art. Otherwise my words will not please thee. As for myself, I was sent into the world to establish anew those that accept Wisdom and become learned in those mysteries that are hidden from the common.

I gaze upon thee and see thou hast been questioning magicians and those who art not wise, and that thou was not satisfied. Know then , O king, this is thine error, in not magnifying thy judgement. Thou hast worked with Black Magicians who are under the power of evil spirits of the first resurrection, and even spirits below them.

All such spirits work evil on their own individual undertaking; as wandering spirits they go about, and their teaching is of the same order, merely individual selfish teachings.

He, whom becometh my _chela (disciple), worketh many Occult wonders, not in a town, but in the affairs of kings and nations.

The king said: Thou art great — de Laurence; or else thy profound philosophy and wisdom turneth my brain.

So go on and tell me. How shall I know the good from the evil spirits? How shall I be able to distinguish betwixt the first and the second resurrections?

I said: Only by seeing and hearing with the physical eyes and ears and with the spiritual eyes and ears, can any man or woman attain to know anything either on earth or in spiritual life.

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