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The difficulties of reality within

There are often times when we become overwhelmed by the insurmountable daily tedium. There are also times when we are happier than we can ever imagine. We believe that nothing can take us down. What is the happy balance? Betwixt the twain the two shall meet.

We must come to a happy medium within our emotions. We must understand what we are doing with our lives. How can we gain control when we overwhelmed by the daily flow of life. Constantly having to worry about bills, what other people think and what we can do to better our quality of living

Life is a struggle, for most of us we never get a break. We must always try to claw our way to the top. Or at least do what we can to keep from falling. How often do we miss opportunities because we are not aware of our surroundings? When do we decide that we can’t fight anymore? Everyday we do the battle and wait to be done with our responsibilities. How is that when our species was first evolving that they had more free time than we do now. Was the goal of technology not to free ourselves from these binds of tedium ? Then what happened ? The rich got richer and the poor got poorer. How do we escape from these invisible shackles of money? Sadly many of us never will be able to.

This does not mean we need to give up. Part of life is the experience of living. It is the experience of living and trying different things. Recently a young couple opened up a coffee and sandwich shop near by. They quit their day jobs and put everything they had into this shop. The problem is the food they served was no better than what you can buy from the local grocery store. They had nothing that helped them to stand out, except for their horribly low quality food. The shop closed in three months time. Now because this couple was a failure at business it doesn’t mean they didn’t learn anything. Often when people see failure they can’t look beyond it. We don’t see our current tragedy may be our future savior.

The trick to continuing with our daily struggles is seeing the good in the bad. It is learning from our mistakes and the mistakes of others. We are an intelligent species for a reason. We must use this to our advantage. Many people would be astonished to find out similar to animals we are. Most of the major religions have helped the human species to believe that the planet and everything on it belongs to us. This very idea keeps us from seeing how much we are a part of the world. It keeps us from seeing how similar to the animals we really are.

Nature is a brutal mistress. Humans often complain about how difficult their lives are; but how many of us have ever thought about how difficult it must be to not be a human. In the wild, if an animal shows weakness they better hide it or they are dead. This same parallel can be seen with the life and cycles of gangs. While we fear for loss of creature comforts. Animals fear for loss of life.
Truthfully, we all worry and we wonder what is going to happen to us. Life must be bent to our will if we hope to succeed. The measure and definition of success is different for each of us. What we do with our time here is up to us, but if we truly believe we are better than animals then we must act like it. WE have a choice to hurt or help others an animal is overwhelmed by instinct. We have choice. This is our free will. When we make the world better for others, only then will the world become better for ourselves. Only then will we be able to begin to overcome our difficulties within.

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