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The demons of the Goetia aren’t what you think

Having kept in my possession a spirit for about a year I could not help but wonder why I had such a thing around. If it was such a clandestine matter why then must I go to all extents for it. My daily routine involved giving thanks in the four cardinal directions and then sprinkling gin on the door way.

Elaborate no? Curious thing friend or foe having a spirit around is an odd activity and one I miss most. It is like having an imaginary friend that has taken on embodiment and consciousness. Over time after conversing with a spirit in your head you learn to tell the difference between yourself and the spirit. The easiest way to tell is to try to impose your voice over the spirit’s voice and say something out of the ordinary. If it is not you then you will not be able to over power the voice. If it is then you have been talking to yourself.

This world has forgotten magic, faith, and the gods. It is our job to bring it all back. You see many years ago when I first came in contact with my spirit it was a split from a greater spirit, sort of an offspring. At the time when I got the spirit I did not know what I was getting into. He was friendly enough, but my views shifted when I finally received a call from a true magician.

Ironic no? In a world of technology laden people who was to guess that there would indeed be a real magician. The gentleman told me the proper manner to test a spirit. He told me there were many kinds of spirits and all need and want different things. He even told me of a spirit he had that drank coffee. He then said that I must command the spirit to come to me in my dreams and that I should leave a drink of water by my bedside for it. I also needed a pentagram, with a yod, he, vau shin, and a he. This would keep me safe from the spirit. Lastly he said I needed a more comprehensive background in magic and listed several books that could help me and said goodbye.

Here is where things get interesting, so that night I did as the man said and left a glass of water. The spirit did in fact come to me in my sleep but it spoke to me while I was in the hypnagogic state. This of course did not reassure me that it showed and obeyed so I sought a way to banish it that day. After no help from a local psychic, I decided to do what came naturally. I opened the spirit’s container and uttered a banishment which sent it back to whence it came.

How does this relate to the Goetic demons? It is a starting point for the spirit work I now do. Spirits come and appear in many ways, if you are adept enough you can even create your own. The Goetic demons you see have a bit of a bad wrap, for starters they are not demons at all but jinn. King Solomon is spoken of in the Koran having control over such spirits. It is said that the Goetic spirits are born of a smokeless fire, and that while they will respond to the names in the Goetia they are more ore less nicknames. The Goetic spirits actually tend to have only the intentions of their summoners in mind, but being older than us can still sway and coax us into doing things we don’t want.

How then do we overcome these Goetic spirits? With confidence and acknowledging that we have power over them given to us by the divine. As humans we need fear nothing, the creator gave us power and preference over all so we must accept this. The only power a demon, person, or even habit has over us is the power we give it. If you ever come into contact with a Goetic spirit simply treat it as you would an old friend and you will be better off than letting your ego do the talking.

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  1. Joe says

    I have not had a negative experience with a Goetic spirit before, although I’ve had experiences with them. I believe that if you’re going to call any spirit then make sure you have good enough reason rather than just calling them. A lot of people call them asking them for help but actually sometimes it’s them who need our help and participation with something by us lending our energy to them so they can take it to where it is needed so that in our time of need they might help us. But the Goetia are real and ethical, this I know from experience.

  2. johnathan says

    Are goetic demons good for beginners ? I have not summoned any type of spirit . If so what demon would be good to give me strength and women ?

    • Joshua says

      If I were you try Zepar he can make wemon love you. For beginners try the kings Bael, Paimon, Vine, etc. I would mainly try Bael for he is the first demon in the list. Paimon second for the kindness and the gift he will give and I promis you will have the best time when meeting Paimon. I used Bael firs to help me for future summonings. Just don’t summon Andras he will kill you Unless prepared. Come ask questions if need more I have great experience with most demons in the list. But all I can say be nice and be smart for all what you say.
      Blessed be

      • Can you contact me. I want to learn how to summon and hacevtequests answered postulate. I am willing to reward and even befriend the demon.

  3. Budadada says

    FYI, Jinn and Demon are same, Jinn is Arabic-Islamic word, Demon is a Christian word, both are same thing.

    • Moiz says

      Actually NO.Demon are thought to be evil but jinn in Islam can be good or bad.They can even be Muslim.

    • Akomana says

      Demon is greek word coming from daimon it is pre christian and is not inherently associated with evil as a “demon” is. And in the koran so it is the same with jinn, jinn is not automatically evil either.

  4. Nate says

    Hey great article
    Just wondering how would I go about summoning dantalion? If you are able to do it let me know I’ll pay as long as the results happen so shoot me an email.

  5. vual says

    Sad that so many men can’t think of anything but following their dicks around. They want to summon a demon to get women to do their sexual bidding. Pathetic.
    Some people are just insecure leeches not even a demon could or would want to help.

  6. ThyWiseOne says

    Fools. You have no idea what you are getting yourselves into. You don’t go trying to summon beings like this unless you are a great and mentally powerful being. They can manipulate you, your thoughts, feed bad thoughts in your mind for things to do, and haunt you in your dreams.
    At one time this information was kept well secret and only available to those privileged to know through secret societies & occults for a reason. Unfortunately, due to the internet this type of stuff has all been leaked out for many people to know who shouldn’t be knowing. Take caution and use common sense to not be getting into anything like this if you are not already well experienced and know what you are doing.

  7. Frater Laetus says

    This is a wonderfully plain spoken, straight forward explanation of the method I use as well.
    It takes self knowledge to separate your inner voice from the chorus and that takes time, practice, and brutal self-honesty.

    I recommend Franz Bardon’s “Initiation into Hermetics”, followed by his “The Practice of Macigal Evocation” as multi year long studies for the serious student.

    Nosce te Ipsum,
    Fr. Laetus

  8. Hi,my name is Rich. I have recently been working with Duke Zepar and I am very pleased and thankful.I find him very easy to approach,despite His intense powers. I know he is a very capable Demon with many talents and abilities. I have nothing but respect for Him and I hope He understands this. I Honor Him and Thank Him for working with me.

  9. James 2:19 says

    Have none of you heard the good news of Jesus Christ? Even these demons fear Him. There’s no need to summon the Creator, because He is always with you.

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