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Stanislav Szukalski

struggleI wish I could say this man needed no introduction but his work has gone virtually unnoticed for several decades. Only recently has his work started to get recognition again. Stanislav, now has admirers such as the band members of Tool, Leonardo DiCaprio, and Glenn Bray. Stanislav grew up in Poland and his artistic talent instantly made him a child prodigy. He was Poland’s greatest artist, until World War 2 came and the war destroyed every remnant of his work. Stanislav and his wife moved to California and he continued to make his art. With a much smaller circle of fans now he was not able to live a lavish life.

When Stanislav passed away in 1987 he virtually disappeared into obscurity. Only a few people knew of his work and now these people are maintaining the archive, of perhaps the greatest artist of the 20th century.
Stanislav’s work is a commentary on the spiritual and physical origins of man. He believed that after Noah’s Ark we descended from our ancestor’s on Easter Island. The same island he was later buried at. So if you have a moment take a look at his work, to appreciate a lost legend.

* Varnish Fine Art
* Szukalski

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