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Sexual Transmutation Does it Work?

Recently one of our visitors wrote in asking for advice on Samael Aun Weor’s sexual transmutation; and how to successfully achieve it. Samael detailed tantric sex and sexual transmutation in his book The Mystery of the Golden Blossom . The book details the words to meditate upon during intercourse. It also speaks of not spilling ones seed during sex. The book is a very intriguing read but I have to say after following its instruction for over three years I can safely say it didn’t deliver as promised.

Before I delve further into the spiritual studies I will answer the rest of our reader’s questions.

“Is sexual intercourse as performed by most people to be defined as something “bad” or “evil”?”

Well, the answer all depends upon the circumstances. The act of sex is neither good nor evil. Sexual intercourse can only be determined evil when we assign our own social stigmas to it. The exception would be the intent of act though. If an individual pursues their sexual desires in a malicious manner then yes it is evil. However if the two individuals are happily in love with each other then the act of copulation becomes a positive thing.

“If sexual magic is “truly” the only way to open the gates of heaven as Samael alludes to, then what would the bachelor man/woman do? What about the mystics, monks, saints and hermits? Why do they take celibacy vows?”

There are many different roads to achieve spiritual enlightenment and which path is right, no one can say. To make such an audatious assumption as Weor did and say that the only way to achieve spiritual enlightenment, was with non-ejaculatory sex is absurd. In this one thought the teachings of all Buddhists are dismissed, as well as many other world religions. Sex is perhaps one of the most mystifying and pleasurable experiences we as a species have. Why then would we be so willing to throw that out; based upon the hope and teachings of a man.

My thoughts on the matter lead me to much the same conclusion as our reader. It’s like the old bible question “What about the dinosaurs?”; everyone has an idea or belief of how things should be it is up to us to discern and see for ourselves the lies from truths. If we believe something strongly enough it becomes a reality. When you are young and you are told to hold back those sexual desires and urges, it only builds up pent up frustration. We are after all still animals; a fact many seem to forget. Why waste your life not enjoying one of the greatest things nature has to offer us?

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  1. Phil says

    I think there is a lot of information missing from this post, a lot of false dilemmas are presented. The Mystery of the Golden Blossom is only one work of many that elaborate and elucidate all the points spoken of here.

    The terms “good” and “evil” are defined pretty clearly by Samael Aun Weor. It deals with the symbolism related with the Tree of Good and Evil. A quick summary would be that “good” is an evolving or regenerative processing of energies, and “evil” is a devolving or degenerative processing of energies. Apply that to the movement of sexual energies, and you can better understand how Samael Aun Weor is using these words in relation to tantrism.

    The topics of bachelors and celibates are spoken of in a number of places as well. It is interesting that Buddhism is mentioned, because tantric Buddhism, also known as esoteric Buddhism, is clear that coition with a consort without orgasm/ejaculation is the highest realization of that system. So, in now way does Samael Aun Weor’s words refute Buddhism but in fact endorses it in the very book spoken of here (Golden Blossom)!

    Sexual transmutation (sexual sublimation) is spoken of by other authors than Samael Aun Weor. Yoga: Sivananda, Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami. Occultism: Master Moria (Dayspring of Youth), Dion Fortune (Mystical Qabbalah).

    I think that when understands what sexual transmutation actually is, it is obvious that sexual magic is the best thing for spiritual pursuit. That is my experience.

    Based on all this I don’t believe the author has a good grasp of what he or she is talking about here. Sexual magic is a process, it is a lifetime of work. There are many people who work with it for years but fail to progress due to many different reasons.

  2. Phil, first I just want to say that is an excellent post!

    To recount, on the post of Sexual Transmutation we did not state that Samael Aun Weor did not say that any of this is not defined by Samael Aun Weor. In fact I cannot deny anything of what was said. In this instance I must apologize to the reader if they wanted only information on Samael Aun Weor’s work and for any misinformation they may have been given.

    However we took this as an opportunity to say, sexual transmutation is a matter of faith based belief only! There is no empirical evidence what so ever of sexual transmutation actually working. While any practitioner may claim to get some benefit from it, it is only pscyhosomatic in value.

    Much of occult is “self-help” based work. Most occult authors, are all form a time in which they were by far more poorly educated than anyone in today’s standards. Given though their vocabularies may have been more enriched, they were still all very susceptible to basic human psychologies. The article states this very clearly.

    So while I will leave the decision to our readers. I ask that you please do not be so quick to dismiss what one of our writers has written.

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