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Why is sex such a taboo?

What is sex? It is a transference of energy. So how then do we define ourselves in this chaotic disillusioning world, of gay and straight? Each instance is different with each person. There is no definition of what makes one straight or gay. Some people believe it is due to genetics, others a chemical imbalance in the mind. I am willing to say it is part of human nature and evolution. As our species tends to be drastically overpopulated it is no surprise that these occurrences happen. In order for nature to control our populous what better way than to use our own sexual desires against us? Not that attraction to the same sex is a negative quality but in the evolutionary aspect it keeps humans from further procreating. Another aspect that must be kept in mind is that humans in general are sexual creatures by nature.

What causes us to be sexual in nature? For the majority of reasons all of our faux pas in sexual industries stem from our cultural and societal training. If we did not have such stigmas as it’s wrong to engage in sexual intercourse with a dog then I am sure there would be a number of people engaging in such an act. The thought disgusts most people though, why? Because of our brain’s programming and perhaps sympathy extended to the dog. Now I am not condoning such an act but I am saying that our sexual urges are worked primarily on our social pressures. Many of us are told from the day we are born that it is our job not pleasure but our job to get married and have many kids. Preferably males, but such would be the case in thousands of years reined by patriarchal society. What I am proposing then is that given proper circumstances it could then be assumed that any male may have a male partner and any female may have a female partner and vice versa. To which I say there is nothing wrong with, it is an expression of companionship. Some of us are more curious than others looking for answers to what our truths may be.

Well there is NO truth. The truth is as we make it. There are “facts” but all “facts” are even subjective upon conditions. There are an inordinate number of variables to possibly even consider that there could be one truth. The only way we could have such a truth is if we were to include all possible variables in such a statement of fact, which again is quite impossible simply because we aren’t even aware of all factors at play in the universe.

So moving on to the dynamic of humanity being a sexual creature by nature, sex is the greatest and most charged exchange of energy. WE are creatures of energy. This energy is often quite beyond our control and we need to release. Much like a pressure valve on a dam needs to be released to prevent it from veritably exploding. This transference of energy is so great that there have been many cultures that have devoted their time to attempt to create a method to spiritual enlightenment. The French have referred to the orgasm as the tiny death. It is truly the only time in our lives when we have a complete release of energy and our minds go blank even for a brief moment. This moment is the transcendental experience between life and death. It is knowing yet wholly unknowing. So given every circumstance there is always a probability for an alternate reality.

One’s sexual preference is truly based on their experience and environmental conditions. Everything plays a factor. There is no truth there is only an extension of will. It is our wills that define our universe. Thought is creative, you think it then there is a possibility for it to be true. Which then defers to quantum mechanics but that is a whole other discussion. I say why the label? In a world devoted to yes and no black and white why confine yourself to yet another box? Let the chips fall where they may. It is not for you to decide; it IS what you are a living being with an energy force. You are the product of everything you have ever interacted with. There is no right or wrong path there is only life and the journey you take to the end.

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