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Questioning the authenticity of the horoscope

The lunar cycle is responsible for a great deal of important things on Earth. The moon controls the tides as well as the subtle nuances of evening light. The full moon itself has developed a reputation for effecting change on people. With such a powerful astral force it is no wonder that Astrology is looked to as a definitive study for learning about our destinies. If the moon can have such an impact on Earth, why can’t the planets have an impact upon us?

It is possible that one’s astrology chart can dictate the course and major influences in their life. Is it probable though? Let’s take a look at any mainstream publication that features a monthly horoscope. This will be exceptionally effective for anyone you know who may believe in the accuracy of this fortune-telling method. A quick but effective exercise, to predict the future.

  1. Find a periodical or website that features a weekly or daily horoscope.
  2. Find a friend or person whom reads their horoscope frequently and tends to believe it. Check with the person to make sure that they haven’t read the horoscopes you picked out.
  3. Now assuming they have not find out what their sign is. Most people will be more than happy to share with you their sign. Unless they are a devout Christian then their sign is usually Jesus and in this instance our trick won’t work.
  4. Read any other horoscope sign besides the one your friend may have mentioned. Then read another one for yourself.
  5. Come back the next day or week (depending on the frequency of the horoscope) and find out how accurate the reading was. Chances are they will tell you how glad they were that you checked it for them.
  6. Now you can show them the horoscopes and point out that you did in fact read a completely different horoscope. Often times they will dismiss this as luck or coincidence, but just to make sure you are right read them all. If it is an exceptionally trendy periodical then near all the horoscopes will be similar.

Why this works, this trick works for a few reasons. The first is that pretty much all horoscopes featured now share the same monogamous tone. They are usually always upbeat or warn of some minor calamity and that one may consider avoiding X and doing Y. Never will a horoscope be exceptionally accurate or dark enough to say “You will be hit by a blue car next Tuesday.” This is because A, it’s impossible to be that precise with most any fortune telling method and B, the fortune must appeal to a large spectrum of people. After all we are all unique and seem to have exceptional gifts and abilites (sarcasm).

The other reason why Horoscopes are so accurate is because people want them to be. When I read a horoscope with a particularly positive note, I tell myself that it is going to happen. The stars have predicted it. In reality I have just given my subconscious a clue to follow. It is similar to telling oneself they will remember their dreams; or they will see a blue feather in the next three days. It is a program for our subconscious to tell our conscious to more actively be aware and pursue these good fortunes. It is the same exact thing that causes pendulum magic and sigil magic to work. After all what the eyes see and the ears hear the mind believes.


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