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Purpose given life

Excommunicate.Net was launched on March, 16th 2002. Our purpose and role in the world has changed quite a bit since this date. We started at trying to gather accounts of all excommunications. This ultimately did not help anyone. From this our purpose evolved, we needed to change excommunication from a negative to a positive. We have succeeded so far in doing just that. The response has been amazing. We have received e-mails from people asking us how they can be excommunicated and what they can do to improve themselves.

Being excommunicated is more than just being cast out from the Catholic Church. Excommunication is learning who you are and what you can do. I learned just that in my dream.

“I found myself staring at the cross hanging above the altar. The seemingly cryptic latin echoed across the cathedral. I couldn’t stand to look the Cardinal in the eye as he chanted. Yet at the same time I knew I had to. Really the only way I can describe it would be watching a loved one die before your eyes. The bell chimed, the candle was slowly turned upside down. Time felt as if it had stopped. The flame now gasped for its last breath, and as I waited I felt a tremendous darkness looming over me.

It was done. They had finally cast me out from the Holy Mother. I had nothing left. No family, no friends, no money and worst yet no God. But it was then in my darkest moment that I realized something. It was not darkness looming over me but something incredible, unlike anything I knew. It was beyond hope it was beyond abandonment. It was knowing that no matter what happens I always have myself. I had not lost God! Just because these people had said I did, it did not mean I lost the divine. No, my connection was stronger than ever. I had realized that everything I needed was here now.

Nothing had power over me anymore. I looked back at the Cardinal. He gazed at me in extreme sorrow and disappointment. Everyone had their eyes on me, their gaze was piercing. Despite it, I now knew I had power they didn’t. I slowly cracked a smile. The Cardinal raised a quizzical eyebrow. It was then that I just started laughing, I couldn’t stop laughing. I had finally understood the greatest secret and nothing could take it away. Just as Adam and Eve were cast out from the Garden of Eden so to had I begun my transcendence. With that final thought I awoke from my dream.”

So where are we now? In such great times of strife and chaos in the world, we can only provide a light for you to look to. Our purpose is to help you become more than just a human, it is to help you transcend to the super-human. We want to show you the shackles that bind you, and open the doors that you need to walk through. Ultimately though the journey is yours and yours alone to take. Start when you are ready, but know you’ve been waiting all your life for this moment so you can begin.

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