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Passiveness leaves one unfulfilled

There comes a time in one’s life when one must take action. Take action to change. Take action to grow. Take action for hope. When one reads too many books; watches too much TV; plays too many video games; and generally just spends too much time avoiding life one is doing themselves a disservice.

It is of the utmost importance that we are grateful for our time here. There are those who look at the gift of life as something to be given away; as something of no consequence; but it is not until these peoples’ very lives are threatened that they change their story. So why should we be thankful? We should be thankful because we want to be. We need to be willing to admit that there are things beyond our control and that when times are difficult we adapt.

Adapting is not an easy task. Adaptation requires a strong and quick witted soul. Only those wanting change seeking out the best for ones self and others will be able to truly succeed. Success is not a measure of value though. Success is a key element to growth. Growth is the changing of one’s social conscious. Growth is becoming more and learning lessons along the way. Growth is becoming what one is meant to and able to be.

When one indulges in corporeal pleasures one forgets one’s purpose for being. If one thinks back to their youth, one may be able to recall some magnificent moment. One may remember there was a time when modern marvels did not captivate ones self. One may even recall a defining moment in their life when there seemed to be more purpose in their childhood than present time. As technology improves and increases, time seems to move faster and faster. One must adapt to one’s own social changes. It is these very reasons that change and action become necessary to overwhelm one’s own stagnation. If one just sits and lets time move by on its own then one is invariably left with nothing more than a husk; a barely conscious husk.

This was written for you. It was written to give you motivation and purpose again. You have waited long enough now is the time for you to start doing and stop waiting. Before you know it your life will have passed you by; and your greatest accomplishments will be sitting on the sofa for 36 consecutive hours. You are capable of so much more than being a receiver. Since you are reading this it tells me you are ready to start taking on your own destiny. You are ready to start living. What you need to do now is devise a plan of action.

Sit down with a pen and pad. Think of what you want. Do you want a house, a new job, a new computer? Do you want to be a catalyst for change. Write down the one thing you want most on a piece of paper and write the date and when you expect to accomplish the goal. Put the piece of paper away, and forget what you just wrote.

Now sit with the pad in front of you and start writing. Write anything, write a story of how you succeed; just write something that will be a positive influence.

This process could take a few hours but it is worth every minute. You have not only taken your first steps to change but you have created a subconscious note for your self to follow. Every time I have done this I have had one hundred percent success. The challenge is knowing in your heart that whatever you wrote can and will happen. Have faith in yourself and your abilities. You will succeed because you have already started to succeed.

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