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Part One: Do vampires exist?

The magic and mystery of vampires have long since been a captivating interest in our society. It was not until 1897 that the popularity of the vampire really took off; when the book “Dracula” came out. “Dracula” spawned a global interest that is still alive and well today.

With vampires gaining popularity in books of Anne Rice, ;Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and several other Pop sources: it is no wonder there are people today who believe in vampires. Is there any way to prove or disprove this though. Arguing against the existence of a vampire is akin to disproving there is a Santa Claus. To try and puzzle this together we need to go back to 1897.

Vampire Slayer Kit

This is when it is believed the first vampire hunting kits were sold. The vampire kits were often made by a person named Professor Ernst Blomberg. The kits were sold to tourists typically as nothing more than a souvenir. The more gullible may have purchased them in hopes that they would provide actual defense against a vampire. The kits typically contained the following

  1. An efficient pistol with its usual accoutrements
  2. Silver Bullets
  3. An Ivory crucifix
  4. Powdered flowers of garlic
  5. A wooden stake
  6. Professor Blomberg’s new serum
  7. Sometimes knives
  8. Sometimes crossbows
  9. Holy Water

Curious to note the gun and silver bullets, because silver bullets were usually used to kill only werewolves not vampires. Every kit we found mention of was different. It was purported that these kits were all a hoax; and they were all made form antique materials. This makes sense since the gun didn’t really fit. How do you explain the kits though that didn’t include a gun? Were these souvenirs of Bram Stoker’s time or were they actually used to kill vampires?

So if the vampire hunting kit is not all hoax then there must be a vampire hunter still. Sean Manchester is perhaps the most famous contemporary vampire hunter and he says he has slain many vampires. He is a priest and a bishop for the Catholic church. According to Sean a vampire is a demonically possessed corpse, that must have an exorcism performed upon it. There is an excellent interview with Sean done by the BBC . After reading Sean’s interview it becomes clear without a doubt that he “knows” vampires exist. Sean makes a very convincing argument that vampires do in fact exist but he never gives any true empirical evidence.

Mr Papachumba: “What does the scientific world say about your vampire exorcisms?”

Sean Manchester: “You must ask them. I rarely do myself. I’m not a scientist, and don’t analyse or disect these matters scientifically. I am, after all, an exorcist.”

Vampires it seems rely upon faith much like today’s contemporary religions. Maybe we are looking for the wrong type of vampire. Vampires exist in many forms, even people we know can be vampires, if we change the criteria. Any story given enough time and power can change our perceptions and alter history. It is up to us to rationalize and determine what is probable and what is possible.

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  1. Sean's Inside Man says

    Sean Manchester is neither a vampire hunter nor a Catholic Bishop. He’s a con-man, though now he’s getting getting on in years and is senile. His “bishop” front is the same as his “vampire hunter” front: it’s an act for publicity. He’s spent most of his life as a professional sponge and tabloid news wannabe.

  2. The Right Reverend Seán Manchester is a proper Bishop. This is more lies and slander by David Farrant and his group of Devil worshipers.

    His Excellency Seán Manchester was born in a council flat in Nottinghamshire, England in 1936.Wanderer, Con-Man, Saxaphone Player, Vampire Hunter and Attention Seeker, 1971-2000; Diaconated: 25 June 1990; Ordained Pest, 15 July 1990; Consecrated Bishop of Manchester, 4 October 1991. Elected Pope of England in 2007. Appointments: Mother Superior General, Ordo Sancti Grape, 13 April 1973; Executive Director, Holy Grail Outreach Ministry to those Streetwalkers in Cults, the Occult and Hot Jazz, 8 August 1988; Chairman, Society of St George, Paul, John and Ringo, 23 April 1990; Patron and sole member of, Guardians Against Satanic Pollution, 29 September 1990; Primate, Ecclesia Apostolica Julie Christi, 4 October 1991; Bishop of Glastonbury, 1 July 1993; Created the Diocese of Glastonbury during a card game, 1 July 1993; Presiding Bishop, British Old Catholic Church, Garden Shed of Bournemouth, 1 January 2000; Founder & Presiding Bishop, Sacroiliac Society of the Precious Brood, 1 July 2002. Honours: Knight Commander, Order of St George and St Mary-Lou; Companion, Holy Order of St George Michael and Toilet Stalls; Companion and Founder, Order of the Sangreal Meths Drinkers.

    I am not Seán Manchester, but I know him very well. He is a wonderful chap when not wearing his wife’s frocks. He does have a tendency for melancholy. At times he dons his wife’s pink dressing gown and wanders Bournemouth, playing Metamorphosen on his consecrated saxophone. He should be addressed properly at all times. Idle passers-by should prostate themselves and kiss his bare feet as he walks the pavements.

    • I do not “don my wife’s pink dressing gown”. I sense an element of sarcasm and disrespect in your treatment of this topic. I don’t appreciate you making a joke out of the Highgate Vampire Case nor will I tolerate you talking about my wife like that.

    • And nowhere did I ever empirically state that he was a devil worshiper, that would require him to actually know who the devil is. He was deceived by, and in league with, the devil.

  3. millie says

    do vapires really exist? do you really think all this is true? i really want to know

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