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Overcome your grief

Sometimes it is difficult to take the next step to move on. Sometimes we are lost wandering our mind and over come by the what ifs and the why dids. Blaming ourselves for our problems isn’t always the right solution. Occasionally there are times in our lives where we are so emotionally unbalanced that we can barely function. Consider for a moment that time is always changing. The way you feel now most likely will not be the way you feel 10 years from now. This idea does not help you now though. What can help you? There are a few things to consider to overcome our grief.

This is usually the most difficult part of overcoming our grief. It is accepting that there is no turning back and we must face what is ahead of us. Do not think of this as a bad thing though; instead think of it as another chapter in a book. How do we accept our loss or our guilt? We must let go, butby continuing to hold onto those things that are upsetting us we are crippling our selves. I am not saying to forget just to let go.

Let Go
In letting go we acknowledge that our energies are being misdirected. It is difficult to resume our normal lives when so much time is spent lamenting the past. When we let go we can finally start the process of returning to our normal selves.

We have accepted our misfortune and let go of our grief; we are finally ready to redirect our attention. Redirecting our attention can most easily be accomplished by keeping busy. Start a new hobby, work a little extra. Do whatever activity you can to keep your mind distracted. Remember all we have is the now so we must be thankful for our time and use it wisely.

They say that for every year of attachment you can expect to take at least a month grieving before you overcome your emotions. This is of course untrue as the healing rate depends solely upon the individual. When we have accepted,let go, and redirected our grief we can at last step foot upon our new lives.

It wasn’t until I was at my worst that I was finally able to achieve my best. It is this darkest hour that The Light on the Path was revealed to me. I was told that whenever I am upset to read its pages and to hold them to my heart. Only when I have done this was I ready to walk the path of a true mystic. I have at last started this journey and I hope that you too may relocate yourself in this darkest of hours. Do not give up, because as long as you are alive, as long as you have a breath in you. You can and will overcome your obstacles, God does after all help those who help themselves.

* Life Experience
* The Light on the Path

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