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Magnets, ancient forgotten powers

In Florida just south of Miami is an amazing feat of human construction. This feat has accrued as much notoriety as the great pyramids with some. In fact its creator Edward Leedskalnin even claims to have used the same ancient methods of our ancestors.

Coral castle was built by one man as a testament to both human ingenuity and a lost love, Agnes. The castle weighs seven tons; it was moved and constructed by a man weighing about 100 pounds. How did he do it? No one is really sire but he claims he did it using magnetic currents, the same as what he calls the misnomered electric current. For a man who never completed fourth grade he created a spectacular place. In Edward’s book Magnetic Current he details the proper construction of the magnets he worked with; and he explains how he believes magnets work. He proceeds to explain that magnets are most powerful when they follow the natural poles in the earth, not just north and south but other currents of magnetic energy that flow through the planet.

Coral Castle

Many people have tried to debunk this amazing creation but all who have attempted leave scratching their heads. Edward even went to the extent to line up parts of his castle with specific planetary and terrestrial events; similar to what the mayans and egyptians did. What else could have used these magnetic poles in the past?

Many of us have heard of the legendary flying carpet, but little is known about it. At least in the western hemisphere. Before I studied the origins of the flying carpet I presumed it to be of magical origins. Interestingly enough flying carpets actually follow a similar idea as mentioned by Edward Leedskalnin. The master weavers of a flying carpet were said to weave a special kind of clay into the fibers of the carpet. The clay as it would seem actually acted as a magnet against the earth. Stories say that when using the carpets they would ride with the earth’s natural polarities. Depending upon the magnetic currents the carpets could also move higher or faster or both.

Magnets it seems are more potent than many have given credit for. There are even several trends of the healing power of magnets but there is no real evidence of their effect other than placebo based.
Most recently in our culture a new trend with magnets has begun. Magnetic implants, the intentions of the first man to get magnetic implants was to help pick up objects better. This did not occur, what did happen was actually quite more intriguing. Many of the bearers of the implants are actually able to now sense electromagnetic fields. So now when these people walk through metal detectors they can feel the current going through their systems. Also of benefit is the aid in finding the location of metal in objects or batteries and other magnets.

If anyone is curious as to how to make Edward’s castle or what it takes to get magnetic implants then I recommend visiting our references. Magnets have quite a diverse application, both in ancient times and contemporary. The implications of utilizing magnetic currents and magnets is tremendous. We just need the time and ambition to try it ourselves.

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