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Magikal Exegesis

This was written many years ago by me as an entry to a book I was working on. The book was never finished, but some of the labors of it I hope can still be used. Here is the first sample of it.

What is magik? Magik is a reprogramming of the mind. It is also the summoning and invoking of higher powers. It really isn’t factual to be stating that spirits exist when we really have our own psychosomatic tendencies. Most anything can be written off as the minds own willful extensions. So why is it we are left with these corporeal shells? All matter is merely energy condensed. The energy is the reality the matter is the illusion. Overcome the energy and overwrite the matter. Life is not what you make of it, life is what you make of what is given to you. It is your constant interaction with all the infinite variables around you. No possible conclusion can be made by the infinite number of instances in any given occasion. You can receive a probability statement on what could happen in a said given instance but truly anything can happen.

Life is a game, it is the only game. The game is about the playing and the actions taken during its course. It is not about the conclusion. But for every end there is always a new beginning. Nothing really ends and nothing really begins. Life is a blur of moments it is not yes no as according to the Aristotelian system would dictate. There is an in between state. A moment of pause if you will where the action of the result takes place, to use the spaces in between consciously is the key, should we fail to do this then another will take its place. 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 all symbols all numbers. What is a number but an abstract complex symbol the only constant in language are written numbers. There are a few things that are a “universal” language. One is numbers, Two is music, Three is art. Which category we utilize does not matter. What matters is we all end up at the same place.

If God is an illusion created by man to comfort him in his time of need then why do humans suffer so? It is our own choosing, we decide our own fates freewill right? Then why is it when you have a static moment of lucidity you can recall a dream or feel a memory of a moment in time as it happens before it happened? We can’t explain it. Here is an exercise for you. Take a piece of paper and write seven affirmations that you wish you represented. Set the paper aside. Now in a few days, weeks, months get the piece of paper read those affirmations. What will have occurred in this time is subconciouss programming. Ever so slowly you will begin to reach your goal, if only you have faith. It’s not important to have faith in a Greater power so much it is to have Faith in your actions. To have confidence to Know, not think, not believe, but to know that change can occur. An amalgam of popular culture reconstituted. TO program yourself you must work with keys and triggers. These are keys to unlock habits and triggers to forge ahead. If you find yourself ever doing something you don’t approve of then ask yourself why you don’t like what you are doing and change your action to what you wish you could do. Can’t do it then fake it, eventually lies become truth or a self fulfilling prophecy. Triggers operate the same way in an instance you know you wanted to be something other than what u were then empower yourself to be it next time. You might be asking yourself what is the difference between a key and a trigger? This is a key “Fear is the mind killer.” The trigger is using the key. So saying “Fear is the mind killer” and then proceeding to do something you would normally be afraid of with confidence and no fear. It will be difficult at first but with time and patience you will notice true change. The “key” is to be persistent and never give up. Follow these simple rules and you will be one step to rewriting your wetware.

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