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Life is Time is Immortality

All of our lives are surrounded by the element of time. With phrases like “Time heals all wounds”; it is a wonder that time is so often neglected. Perhaps time is best experienced by the inuit. The inuit have no sense of future as most western and eastern culture does. Instead they see things more as a concurrent series of events we know as the now.

It is the now that we only ever have; we can plan for the future; and we can plan for the past; but we only ever have the now. As time goes on we forget events, memories, dreams, everything fades away. Painful memories become distant thoughts, happy memories even succumb to the ravages of time.
I asked a young girl once what it was like for her to get braces. She said she couldn’t really say because it was like she always had them.

This thought this very idea stuck with me for some time. She had them for so long she had no measure for comparison save her memories which had now grown quite distance. This reminded me of the importance of the now. The very zen like act of simply being makes perfect sense when you put it in context of time.

Many of our fanciful Hollywood ideas of time involve dolorians, crystals, or magic abilities to take advantage of time. People are desperately trying to predict or change the course of events in life. At least we like to spend a lot of time thinking about the what ifs and how coulds. Time travel is more than these Hollywood juvenile concepts. Time and manipulation of time requires something unique. Perhaps the closest account of accurate time manipulation is the book and film The Butterfly Effect.

The Butterfly Effect featured the first none traditional form of time travel; and that is traveling through our own consciousness. This idea more than any may be possible. In fact if the key to immortality is being in, aware, and present in the past present and future. If we maintain a clear conscious, such as that of a Zen Buddhist or yogi then we get that much closer to time manipulation.

Since being immortal is evading the laws of time, if we could maintain a consciousness loop in ourselves we could in effect evade death. It has long been one of my theories that upon death we are just jumped back to a previous point in our lives; in our consciousness. What evidence do I have for such a statement? There are two things, that support this theory, at least for myself. The first is a story of an account of what actually happened to me, as I can recall it at least.

“I had just awoken to my alarm, and I got out of my bed. I walked into the bathroom and started the shower. After letting the water warm up for a bit I got in, the shower and cleaned up. I turned the shower off and got my towel. As I started to dry off there was a loud knock at my door.”

“Just a minute.” I finished drying off and quickly put on a pair of jeans. I walked up tot he door and I looked through the peephole. I couldn’t see anything, the man had his hand over the peephole.

“We have a package for you.” As soon as he said that I saw a brief ray of light from the peephole then it was dark again. Then there was a loud bang; I felt a bullet tear through my head. I fell backwards; and as my body fell I became dizzy. I glanced down to see that I was half in and half out of my body.”

“I was dead. It was when I realized I died that I awoke in my bed in a cold sweat with a feeling of terror.”

What had just happened, I am only now starting to piece it together. Was it a lucid dream or had I actually died? I had never felt anything so real. I laid in bed pondering this. It was not until much later that I started to think perhaps I had actually died and I went back to an alternate reality starting point. Regardless there is no way to prove or disprove my theory.

The other part of this time immortality puzzle is an experiment I tested a year ago with incredible success. It is somewhat complex but incredibly fulfilling when it works.

Time based meditation
The first thing we need to do is select a location for our meditation. The location must be the same a year from now. If you sit against a tree in a park then you have to sit against the same tree in the park a year from now. In order for this meditation to be successful you must be serious and have every intention to do it again a year later.

When you are committed to a place, select a time and date, if possible line up planetary elements as well. Now that you are ready begin your meditation. Close your eyes and focus upon your third eye, wait in a receptive state because this is where your future and past self will communicate. If there is even a small part of you that knows you won’t do the meditation a year from now it won’t work.

The idea is that if successful, you can transfer messages from your future self to your past self, and eventually even consciously place your future self in your past self. After all, the only time we have is the now and the only self we know is the present self.

Both of these “evidenciary” claims require, a belief that time is non-linear and that there are infinite parallel universes. The lesson here is that we are not the clothes we wear; or the stuff we own; we aren’t even the things we do; we are simply our conscious awareness.

* Story of Time
* The Butterfly Effect

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