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Key to lucid dreaming

The landscape of dreams is a lurid and fascinating place that has amazed mankind for millennia. Dreams are a time when we are free to do what we want, they also offer ample ground to show who we truly are. The dream realm is as mysterious as the night is dark. When we begin to remember our dreams we can start to take part in our dreams.

Lucid dreaming is the act of being consciously aware that we are in a dream. When we are conscious in our dream we are open to a whole new world of exploration. So how do we realize we are dreaming?

Simple recall
Perhaps the quickest method to start with is to tell ourself as we fall asleep I am dreaming. This same method can be expanded upon in our day to day life. Periodically through out the day ask yourself if you are dreaming and look around, it may help to schedule an hourly reminder. When you do this you may also want to supplement it by jumping. When you jump in the dream realm you are more apt to just float or fly away. This hint will be an excellent mnemonic trick.

Red String
A method I have been working with recently is, tie a red string to your left wrist. Every time you see the string ask yourself if you are dreaming. After a long enough time this string will incorporate itself into your dreaming life. So when you see the string you will know where you are. This is perhaps the most successful tool in remembering your dreams because it will remind you to check to see if you are dreaming long after you forget your other methods to remember. There are more advanced methods to the lucid dream path.

Dream yoga
Dream yoga is done by falling asleep consciously. It is an incredibly challenging task and requires the dreamer to keep their consciousness as they sleep. Where our other methods involve already being in the dream this one carries you consciously to your dream. The trick to accomplish this is to meditate and as you would hold your awareness in meditation you will continue to stay focused in your dream. If done successfully you will flow through your meditation, into the hypnagogic state and continue to REM.

Dream Sigil
Another effective method I have experimented with is the creation of a sigil to carry lucidity into a dream. The powers of a sigil allow the subconscious to carry the conscious into a waking dream. This requires a very precise sigil creation but if you are successful the payoff is great.

There are other methods and more things to be done in the dream world, but first we must be able to get there consciously. Some quick tips for when you are in a lucid dream, if you start to wake up fall backwards or spin. You can’t say your own name in a dream without being awoken. Only when we are awake in the real life will we be able to take full advantage of the waking dream.

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  1. It seems to be something you can get better at. My sister did this intensely for a while and still does sometimes, and she seemed to reach a point where she could do lucid dreaming pretty reliably.

  2. You are indeed correct, lucid dreaming is definitely one of those things where the more you do it the better you get. Like most things though you can also forget how to do it if you don’t use it.

    Paul thank you for taking the time to comment.

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