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Is Spirituality Genetic?

Our current society praises physical prowess over all other things. Why else would sports super stars get paid millions of dollars when our world leaders receive so much less? We can see with our own eyes that some people are more physical and genetically apt to handle sports, and hard physical labor. This has almost always been the case over generations the best warriors were after all the strongest and quickest. A philosopher would hardly stand a chance in a battle or on the sports field.

Just as we have those who are physically adept we also have those who are mentally adept. I would not ask a football player to explain to me any of Einstein’s theories just as I would not ask the physicist to play quarterback for me. So if we can see a very obvious genetic difference in the physically adept and the mentally adept, why then can we not presuppose that there is a gene for those more adept at being spiritual?

If animals can be bred to be physically superior, mentally superior, or a combination of both. Couldn’t human genetics be isolated to create a “Strain” that is more apt than another? What if there was a group that secured this to creating a spiritual adept. First we would need some evidence that spirituality can indeed be genetic.

The God Gene a book by Dean Hamer, seeks to answer just that. Is there a gene that controls spirituality? Unfortunately the book is based primarily on seemingly superficial evidence. All of his cases being cited from studies on cigarette addiction and not an independent study due to poor financing. I must also say in addition to the information being polled on people with cigarette addiction his results are also based on a simple questionnaire. Do you believe in a God, Have you ever had supernatural experience? (paraphrase) Well those are quite subjective questions, even if you isolate the gene the smokers had; of all the ones that answered yes it does not give you conclusive evidence. So if we are looking for evidence from his book I think we can safely say there is nothing conclusive enough to say yes.

A Mayan TempleHowever this does not end our search. The ancient Mayan people used to wrap the heads of some of their children until it took on a conical shape. These children grew up to be the astronomers of the Mayan peoples. If anything can be said about the Mayan civilization it is that they were extraordinary astronomers. All one needs to do is look at the pyramids at Tulum or Xcaret. The temple at Tulum has 13 steps, a quarter of the weeks in a year and during the solstice Quetzylcoatl’s shadow appears along the steps. It is amazing that these ancient peoples could construct something so precise and elaborate as to pinpoint events utilizing the solstice and stars. What I haven’t said yet is that by wrapping the heads of the Mayan children it also gave these astronomers a larger pituitary gland. You may say that being an astronomer does not make one spiritual, but I beg to differ because the Mayan astronomers also served as shamans.

Many scientists and occultists are beginning to link the pituitary gland to things of a spiritual nature. Some people even say that the larger the pituitary gland the more spiritual “gifts” a person has and why not? The pituitary gland is part of the endocrine system and so is the adrenal gland. In cases of extreme stress, people have been known to gain superhuman strength from these bursts of adrenaline. The pituitary gland sends signlas to the other parts of the system but its other functions are still shrouded in mystery. So who is to say it could not have any effect on one’s spiritual muscle.

While a gene may not contain a key to spirituality the pituitary gland certainly may. However both of these are still speculation and I would urge our readers to look into the matter for themselves. But if the ancient Mayans could create such astronomically complex pyramids and their astronomers had larger pituitary glands why couldn’t the pituitary gland make someone more aware of other things. The human species can only see, touch, hear and smell a very small spectrum of what actually exists.

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