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How to see your aura

For several centuries mystics have claimed that everything has an aura and that each of these auras has its own color. What these colors are reflect your mood and can even allow the mystic to see your true nature. To see the aura is a simple task. Simply hold your hand in front of a white piece of paper and slightly blur your vision. There you will see an ethereal outline of your hand. You can also have a friend stand against a wall, then stare ten inches above his or head and you will see their aura. If their aura is strong enough you may even see it after they walk away from the wall. Once you get the hang of seeing the aura eventually you will be able to see colors in the aura.

Here is something interesting, if you have ever taken a course on color theory or even looked at a color wheel you will know that every color has a contrasting color. So when you look at a bright green on a bright red you will see the colors start to vibrate. This isn’t because of some mystical process that is now taking place. It is because your eyes are straining between the two colors. This principle can best be seen in this optical illusion , where even movement begins to occur in an otherwise still image.

We can easily apply this knowledge to our ability to see auras. When we are told to stare at the white background and ignore the foreground of course we will see an aura. Our eyes are vibrating between the contrast and mystically we can now see the aura of an object. When the person moves away from the door our eyes suffer from simple after burn. Thus we see their very powerful aura. The same principal can be seen in this optical illusion

So it seems that it is not possible to see the human aura, but there are some people that can see colors in interesting places. Are they psychics? No, they have what is called synesthesia. Synesthesia is a neurological condition in which the body associates two senses with one. Some people with synesthesia may be able to associate musical notes with color and see an almost aurora borealis effect when playing a guitar. This is why since the discovery of synesthesia some doctors have been saying that Beethoven’s musical success was due to the fact that he saw the music as color. This might explain why Beethoven thought B minor was the black key.

While the acclaimed methods of seeing auras may not be particular valid. Who is to say that there is not such a construct beyond our vision? After all we cannot see or infrared light with the naked eye but we know it’s there.

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