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The hidden whispers within or how to find your power animal

I have read many an arcane book, and all with the promise that if you follow its doctrine then you will be as a king ruling his kingdom. Can I say such is true now? I do not know. What I do know is that the teachers of old were far more eloquent than the modern day mystics of present time.

In those teachings the writers of such books have spoken often of astral teachers. These spiritual guides exist upon a non-material plane. The manner in which one may contact these teachers varies. Most say that it can only be done when the student has become spiritually adept and their goal matches that of these spirit guides. Others say these teachers can only be met in the dream world.

The latter is particularly curious because it correlates very strongly with the Shamanistic belief of a power animal. Different tribes describe different ways of meeting your power animal. The one uniform feature of all these methods, is that no matter how you meet your power animal it must not bear its teeth nor have any ill intention towards you. Many tribes also say that insects can not be your power animal and are only there to lead you astray.

The methods I am going to describe to meet your spirit guide rely heavily on having mastered dream recall. If you can never remember your dreams I defer you to our previous article . For those who have mastered the ability to remember your dreams let’s begin.

Method 1: dreaming your power animal
Before going to bed you must say a prayer of thanks and ask humbly that your spirit guide or power animal may appear to you tonight in your dreams. After your prayer give thanks again and tell your self “I will meet my power animal tonight.” If you do not meet your power animal the first night do not worry. The first time I attempted to meet my power animal it took about a week. Repetition is needed to ensure you will remember your dream. Your power animal will help you in times of need as well as guide you through life when you need it. Different animals also have different meanings, a tiger will serve a different purpose than a tortoise but both have their strengths and weaknesses.

Method 2: consciously finding your power animal
The other method to finding your power animal involves meditation. The best way to do this is with repetitious music. The traditional method involves shamanic drum beats but I have also found that numerous soundtracks also do the same thing.
To begin we close our eyes and begin a slow steady rhythmic breathing. Once you start to become relaxed envision a hole in the ground. This hole can be real or imagined large or small. When doing this method I would often choose coyote dens I knew of as my entry point.

As the music carries its beat, begin to see yourself traveling down the tunnel, much like alice down the rabbit hole. Go deeper and deeper underground until you see a light begin to emerge from the other side. At the end of the hole is another world. Depending where you end up it could be anywhere from a forest to a field. It is important once you are here to not let your guard down.

Your quest can now begin, you can start by calling out for your power animal to show itself to you. This may not work if this is your first visit to the underworld. Instead of trying to assert your authority explore the area and familiarize yourself with it. When you are comfortable you may call for your power animal again. When it arrives you may converse with it, ask its name and what its purpose is. Be cautious not to accept the first animal that arrives and be willing to question and challenge its motives. Once you have met your power animal you may leave the underworld by crawling back up the hole you entered. Now that you are familiar with your new companion they will always be there when you need them.

The two methods of finding your power animal, are both quite effective in their purpose. If you are able I would recommend combining the two methods. Do method one first then reaffirm it with method 2.

There are more methods I to find your spirit guides than mentioned here but I will save those for a later date. If you are reading this then it means that your spirit guide is waiting for you. Now if these guides are just tools of the subconscious or actual ethereal beings only you will know.

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  1. dino says

    I keep trying the meditation and going into the hole to the underworld. I see different animals each time. when I try to communicate with them I find myself making up their names or what they say no matter how hard I try not to. the same happens even when I relax.

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