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Getting motivation when you have none

The most difficult thing for us to do is to do what we don’t want to. How do we motivate ourselves when we just have no will or desire to do anything? What drives us to do something when we don’t want too? We do, we are responsible for our actions, we are the ones who are going to succeed or fail. I will admit that if you haven’t started to develop your will then you may not be able to do this.

Recognize the problem or obstacle
The first step in gaining motivation is to recognize the problem or obstacle in front of us. How large or small an obstacle is it. Is it something that we have procrastinated about or is it more serious? Once you recognize or acknowledge the obstacle you can proceed to the next step in gaining motivation. If you have several obstacles to overcome pick the largest or most pressing one.

Don’t make excuses
The biggest obstacle, to procrastination and lack of motivation is feeding yourself with excuses. If you believe that your guardian angel will help you to lose weight, well you have a harsh reality ahead of you. I can’t do it because I worked all day. I know you heard this before but there are plenty of people worse off than you who have worked harder than you. You may want the easy way of doing things but, for 99.5% of the world we all have to do things the hard way.

Measure the consequences
How large a price will you pay if you don’t do the task at hand? Chances are there is more at stake in not doing your obstacle than by doing it. The number one loss by not overcoming your problem is time. How valuable is time to you? Do you realize what you could be doing otherwise with your time. Your time is your life, the more time we waste the more of our life we waste. Do you really want to be the one who spent most of their life playing video games and watching TV?

How do you overcome the problem?
This next part is a little more difficult depending on what your obstacle or problem may be. If you lack motivation to do a simple mundane task, then think of the quickest way to get the obstacle done. If your problem is more extreme, such as you have a short deadline, or are stumped as to what to do next. Stop and breathe, stressing or worrying won’t help you to accomplish the task at hand. If you need to or are able to take a break and do some brief meditation

Take control and force yourself to do it
When you have identified the problem and the way to overcome it then you must act upon it. The only way you are going to overcome the obstacle at hand is if you take control and beat it into submission. You will find that once you start that the motivation and drive will come as you do it. If you are alive you have the will to overcome your obstacles. Even animals will do things when they don’t want to. When you finally understand that the only one who is going to get you what you want or need is you then you will understand the importance of being the motivation you need.

Athletes are an excellent example of forcing themselves beyond the norm. They do not give up even if ti means their bodies will collapse. Amazing things happen when you push yourself, you may just be surprised to see what you can actually do. But if you can’t help yourself then you can’t help others. In the words of Ben Franklin “God helps those who help themselves.” Just Don’t Give up before you even start.

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