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Freemasons, The Architect, Solomon, and the Goetia

In the popular movie series The Matrix, Neo the protagonist enters a pivotal point in which he must choose to save Trinity, his girlfriend, or save the city of Zion. The scenario is presented to him by a character called the Architect. The Architect reveals to Neo that he is responsible for the creation of the matrix and that everything that occurs is planned. As Neo speaks with the Architect we can see the alternate realities playing out upon a myriad of televisions. The Architect has predicted every one of them. After a long winded and verbose conversation Neo leaves to save his girlfriend. This occurs just as the Architect had planned.

The Architect so aptly named shares the same title as the creator given mention in Freemasonry. In masonic rites, the Architect is given known as creator and planner of the universe. This role aptly played by the greater program called the Architect in The Matrix . The symbol that is used to represent the Architect in freemasonry is a square and compass.

The compass which is used to draw circles, represents the whole or the Universe, the all. The square represents balance and fairness, much akin to a scale in some other religions. Together they are matter and spirit; the G later added is said to represent God or Geometry. The square and compass also unite to form a Hexagram, the symbol used by Solomon. This is quite appropriate because the Masonic lodge itself is said to be modeled after King Solomon’s Temple.

The temple was constructed according to instructions given to Solomon and passed to the master architect Hiram Abiff. In the Q’ran King Solomon is said to have had power and control over the spirits or the 72 djinn. It is no wonder then that the Freemasons would have their temple as Solomons once was. It is also no wonder they would hide their symbology even further with the archetype of Hiram Abiff.

Since the temple was built with instruction from God it would seem then to be more conducive to ritual and attracting the attention of the spirits. Each lodge is carried out with precise accuracy, right down to the placement of the three ashlars. More upon the architecture and details there of can be found within the Freemason Bible.

Given this knowledge it is a shame that most Freemasons are so unaware of the true meaning behind their lodge and their rites. If one is able to get a hold of transcripts of the other rites of passages in Masonry; one will continue to see the Hermetic based rituals. This ignorance raises a bit of a question to the neophyte. If Freemasons constructed the temple in accordance to Solomon’s temple; how close does this correlate to the Goetic rituals found in the Lesser Key of Solomon? Are the Master Masons achieving such positions of power and importance in history and present time by using new social connections or pacts made with the 72 demons?

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