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Finding the stillness within

Perhaps the most rewarding thing you can ever do is find tranquility from within yourself. The easiest way to achieve this is through meditation. When you meditate every day for at least 30 minutes your body slowly begins to become naturally attuned, to the vibration and calmness that you typically experience in meditation. The longer you do it the easier, and more meaningful it becomes.

Sit with your back straight and your legs crossed. Cross them in a yoga lotus position, half lotus, regular crossed legs, or sit with your legs underneath you Zen style, whatever is most comfortable for you. To ensure your back is straight you may also want to sit with your back against the wall. When you are comfortable you may begin.

With your left hand, pinch your nostrils shut with your fore finger and thumb. Release your fore finger so only your thumb has a nostril closed. Breathe in to a count of 5. Now hold for a count of 5. Pinch your nostrils again and release your thumb so the opposite end nostril is open. Exhale to a count of 5. Now inhale with the same nostril to a count of 5. Repeat this process for about five minutes, continually switching nostrils. This technique is a prana breathing exercise that gets us warmed up for the real meditation.

Now set your hands in your lap. Let your left hand rest in your right hand. This allows for a proper flow of receptive energy. The symbology of it is that the right side is defensive and protects your receptive side from negative influences. For the same reason you would carry charms, talismans, and medicine bags on your left side. Breathe in through your nose fill your lungs and your diaphragm completely. Hold your breath for a moment then briefly exhale through your nose and wait for a count of 7. Now if you have not already close your eyes and continue a slow rhythmic breathing cycle. Inhale for a count of 6 and exhale for a count of 7. The key here is to maintain a consistent cycle, so there is no interruption in your breathing. As soon as one breath ends instantly begin again. The goal is to create a single organic flowing breath.
As we let the meditation relax our body we can begin to let go of our conscious worries and just be one with our breath.

If you do this exercise for a month you may begin to notice a decrease in stress, increased spiritual senses, better instincts, the results vary person to person. This meditation is a great grounding for most all spiritual work, as well as a great bed time primer.

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