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What is Excommunication?

To start with we will explain what excommunication is and how one may become excommunicated. Excommunication is the Catholic church’s final punishment and most deabilitating punishment. Assuming of course one subscribes to the Catholic dogma otherwise it is just a bunch of fancy words. In order to be excommunicated the only prerequisite is to be a christian and also that you have been baptized. You DO NOT have to be a Catholic to be excommunicated. When one is excommunicated they are no longer allowed to partake of any of the sacraments or benefits the Christian faith offers. Being Excommunicated gets the beneficiary a one way ticket to hell.

There are nine current known ways to be excommunicated that the Catholic church still enforces or abides by. As listed they are heresy, violation of sacred species, physical attack against the pope, absolution of an accomplice in a crime, pretend/false celebration of the eucharist and conferring of the sacrament by one who is not a priest, unauthorized episcopal consecration, violation of the confessional seal by the confessor and by the interpreter, and having/giving an abortion.

Bell, Book, and Candle

The bell, book, and candle are the three primary tools used in the excommunication ritual. What we know of the ritual is that the priest reads a sentence.

“We exclude him from the bosom of our Holy Mother the Church, and we judge him condemned to eternal fire with Satan and his angels and all the reprobate, so long as he will not burst the fetters of the demon, do penance and satisfy the Church.”

After finishing the reading the priest will then close the book. He then rings a bell to signify the toll of death. After both of those are accomplished he then takes the candle and holds it upside down waiting for the wax to extinguish the flame. When the flame is extinguished he tosses the candle down to signify the removal of the excommunicated’s soul from the site of God.

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