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Displacement of Self

There are times when we often feel lost or unresolved. It happens to everyone at some point in their lives. Who is to say what happens and why. The numerous world religions attempt to explain the mythos of self, destiny, and free will. None have an answer that is not based in faith.

There are often times in our life where we sit waiting wondering what will happen. This is a moment of apathy combined with hope. Hope that perhaps there is something more, that someone will save us. Yet it is not until we get older that we begin to realize there is no one waiting for us. No one is going to help us with our problems and that we are totally and absolutely isolated.

This is what is known as the dark night of the soul and others refer to it as the death before the rebirth. We all enter our cataclysmic state and we all wish things had never been. We may even say I never wished to be born it wasn’t my choice. Was it? How can we liberate ourselves from these dark moments? We have to want to be liberated. If our will laments being happy and finds comfort in its new companion misery how are we ever to displace it from with in ourselves?

To exorcise our apathy, our laziness, our depression, we need more than just a glass is half full attitude. Some of us even feel we need divine intervention. There are too many people out there who have had hard “luck” stories to say that things will get better or worse. We can never imagine anything worse than our current position when we are out of hope. How could there be anything worse when I have already given it all? It is this remorseless sorrow that attracts more negativity to ourselves. The music we listen to, the company we keep all reflects our internal mood. For we are more than what we were raised to be. We are a combination of those we most closely interact with and also the philosophies that we apply to our lives.

How then can I escape this hatred this lamentation? You can’t you need simply surrender to what is and what may be. This does not mean giving up, it means coming to terms with the fact we have no control over any event in our lives. It means we can only subtly influence things. We must do the best we can with what has been given us. Just as the dreamer wakes himself from the Nightmare so too must we become aware of our surroundings and conditions. In awareness we gain insight, insight to ourselves. The more we observe and study our fellow man the more we will see what makes ourselves operate. It takes an incredibly strong individual to walk this path though. To become reborn and leave our comforting wallows means to accept the consequences.

Perhaps the best way to realign ourselves is to take simple actions. To start you may want to take a bath to relax and cleanse the body. Then prepare to meditate, it has been said to me by many a great teacher the best way to get in touch with yourself is to let go of yourself. Let go of your wants urges and desires. Only when we have nothing are we free to do anything. Our mind has created the prison we live in, man’s rules have defined our miseries. Only we can see beyond the shell to know that there is nothing that can stop us. AS time progresses and we make an active effort to fight our depression, our laziness like anything it becomes easier and eventually depression can become but a fleeting thought. Do not ever be discouraged though for Jesus himself had his dark nights.

Think back on a time when you were young. Compare that moment to yourself now. How amazing is it to know that you once were a child and now it as if that never happened. The memory of being young is as real as the memory of a movie you just watched. The only moment that counts is the now. While the past remains the past the future becomes the present and the present becomes the past. When you see beyond the veil of time. When you peek behind the curtains of the Gods you will know that Everything you need is here now and always has been and always will be and you will know that you are alive. So mote it be.

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