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Demons, ghosts and magic items on ebay are they real?

A few years back the internet became stirred by something completely unusual and totally bizarre. A ghost in a jar was the catalyst for the paranormal to take a spot light on ebay. Ever since this pinnacle auction in 2003; there have been an endless supply of haunted dolls, rings, necklaces, and ghosts in jars.

The tale of the Ghost in a Jar was that it was found during a metal detecting expedition in the cemetery. Since he found the jar he had an endless string of bad luck. The story continues the seller; teajay never sold the jar but started a fan club and tried to ride on the success of the jar. Much like any popular thing he and his jar fell from the spotlight. So what happened to his alleged haunted jar? Last we knew he still owned it. This brings us to the amazing things now on ebay. On any given day you can check the metaphysical section of the mega auction site and find any number of genie rings or haunted items for sale.

Do any of these items have validity though?
We have taken the time to pick an assortment of five auctions from over 13,000; to determine if any of these auctions are legit.
Our legalese: These reviews and assessments are based upon a matter of our opinion only.

Haunted Warlock’s Ring of THE PHEONIX Very Powerful
ebay auction

Well the seller starts by saying she primarily buys things on ebay but has been researching the paranormal for 13 years. The item she is selling was “embued” by her friend Emma. It is a very powerful item and she cannot be responsible for what happens when you use this item.

Wow! I don’t know if this could scream bullshit any louder than it already does. First thought is if this item is so powerful then why is she selling it? At a starting bid of $9.99 can the item really work? No, the only benefit the buyer will get is that of their own imagination. While a psychosomatic tool can be powerful, this probably isn’t the real McCoy.

DOLL #1 Blond Hair Blue Eyed Beauty with Bag & Photo
ebay auction

The seller claims that they are selling seven voodoo dolls that they found while renovating a house. The dolls are waiting for the right person and are said to contain the soul of the person who has passed on, that the doll was made after.

The story is quite captivating and the array of pictures are very detailed. The price in this auction certainly lends itself to being a genuine magic item. Take note though that you cannot click to enlarge the photos. If you look closely at the doll, you will notice that the stitching and head are fairly contemporary. I would even be willing to say the head may have been made with sculpey. The item was carefully put together with antique odds and ends. This person is clearly very intelligent and good at telling stories. What about the ritual items at the bottom of the page. Well the items there are all of contemporary materials. The seller has clearly done their research on voodoo and is using their knowledge to their advantage. What else can we look for? Check their feedback and you will see all their positive feedback has come from jeans that were purchased recently. You will also see that any feedback from buyers was a very long time ago. While the auction and item sold seem fairly cool, I would have trouble swallowing that they are authentic.

Ethiopia Old Ethiopian Magic Scroll, in Original Tube

ebay auction

The seller says this is a small leather tube with a magic ethiopian scroll inside. Possibly dating from the eighteenth century.

Yeah, this is a genuine antique talisman from ethiopia. Check the seller’s feedback and you will see they specialize in selling ethiopian antiques. I have no reason to believe that this is a fake. However despite the item’s authenticity, we cannot say wether the item is functional or not: but of all the items so far if I had to buy something this would be it.


ebay auction

Apparently this is the “MOST COVETED PARANORMAL ITEM IN HISTORY!”, the seller also claims that the item was found at the hidden temple of shezook. The item contains the genie king and now you can own him.

This is another difficult story to believe. First I did a bit of research and would you believe I could find nothing on the temple of shezook, not even a dictionary definition. The item has a buy it now price of $500. That sure seems to be a low price for owning the Genie King! Especially when you can see his magical essence emanating from the talisman. No, I am pretty sure that is just the photoshop clouds filter and it looks like thy are quite fond of it. Many of the seller’s magic items share the same cloud like appearance. Trusting a photo on the internet is like trusting a cat to be alone with your pet mouse, it’s not a wise thing to do. Comic sans and animated images make for an impressive display, but they do not make for a believable magic item.

Engraved copper DEMON seal GOETIA Grimoire MAGICK 93

ebay auction

Goetic seals made by a real magician. The seller claims that items made by hand are more powerful than those mass produced by machine. If you don’t want the talisman listed you may request any Goetic talisman.

Just from looking at the auction and the phrasing the seller uses I would say we may have a winner. The auction title contains a few keywords that only a knowledgeable occultist would know. The auction itself shows several of the different Goetic seals inscribed on different materials. The seller is in fact using real magic, he did not make anything up or weave a tall tale. The price, of the item is fair. Since he did not claim to be a jeweler or master artisan the work seems just. The magic is real but does it work? Similar to the Ethiopian scroll we know the item is authentic; but because of the transitory nature of spiritual work we cannot claim the items to do what they say.

So there you have it five ebay auctions at random. What did we learn? Well, of the 13,000 plus items listed most all of them are bullshit and they are people looking for a quick buck. The few that are “authentic” are called such because they reference material of a valid anthropological nature. We can also say that if you buy any of these items they will work if you believe they will. There is always the element though that the authentic items can deliver on what they represent.


  1. chris lee says

    why not try buying a haunted doll and see if it is haunted

  2. Adriabf says

    A lot of Haunted stuff are nothing but fakes people only want to make a buck off their fakes.. And not saying that all of them are fakes I believe that a genuine haunted seller doesn’t change their names.. And those that do they have something to hide then
    Communication between the seller and buyer is Keen… If there is no communication don’t even think about buying the item they are there to make the quick buck making the victim think that their item is legit and real

    I suggest that their names are checked their feedbacks are checked.
    If they have bad feedbacks is something to think of why did they get a bad feedback.?? Why do they change their Ebay Id’s.??What are they hiding if they say they are genuine haunted sellers..?? Why do they have to change their Id’s if they are so genuine like they say they are why negative feedbacks as well.. Before buying Check on them first.

  3. Nick says

    Some items could be priced low because the seller don’t care about the money maybe it’s worth it to them just to be rid of it

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