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Crystal Seeing, By Seers of All Ages

Lesson VI
(from The development of Seership The Science of knowing the future Hindoo and Oriental Methods)

Crystal seeing is scientifically established; never-theless, there are some who will fail in their efforts to thus see, because they have not the mental power to concentrate.

Crystal seeing is but a phase of Seership. It is capable of great results. I would not advise anyone to waste his or her time in crystal experimentations unless he or she has had glimpses of the interior vision. If one possesses this interior power, he is then likely to secure wonderful results in the use of the crystal.

The famous Dr.Dee, of London, and many others before and since his time, used a plate of polished cammel coal. Dr. Dee’s plate is still in the British Museum, to be scanned and cognized. In these days many are apt to laugh at and ridicule the idea that a mere physical agent can enable one to penetrate the floors of the waking earth and emerge from the other side. Such people can not believe that an oval, concave, black-white mirror, or a crystal, or even a splotch of ink are really such wonderful instrumentalities, yet I know that for a beginner they are very helpful. Even some of the advanced seers use them at times. There are thousands that have acknowledged their value.

That upon the mirror’s face, serene,
Your life is written — ready to be read and seen — Disclosed to mortal view, Doth thou seemeth strange? In advance I see events quite clear, In my shining glass, to me so clear, What future shall bring to pass.

Nothing dies, and we may have communion with those we call dead, if we know the language and the secret of their lives.

“If your soul be as pure as your crystal,You will always see yourself in it, always Young and beautiful! But if vice has withered your heart, Be fearful of reading in me The stern reflection of moral deformity!”

If the thought of evil be in your heart, you are unworthy of contemplating the divine spectacle of nature. If your heart be the home of virtue, look upward and bless God.


Some of the loftiest minds the world ever knew, have believed in the crystal. The Rosicrucians have always used them for celestial divination.

“When the mind is surrendered up, as a clear glass, Messages of the magical world roll pass.”

The crystal, when properly used, is second to none for intromissional and psycho-visional purposes. It does not disturb the nervous system, nor injure the brain, or cause any unhealthy or abnormal conditions. The things seen in a crystal appear actual, clear, plain and distinct — just as any other plain or diorama. The crystal seer is wide-awake, intelligent, and in possession of every sense. There is no tension on the nerves, nor strain on the brain. In sensitive lucidity the visions rapidly pass away, but in the crystal in any given place, face, scene of any locality can be, by an effort of the will, made to remain fixed, stationary and solid as long as the seer chooses. There are more people who are able to see in a crystal than by any other method.

The person whose whole life is confined to the practical world is but a mere shell, floating on the sea, and is ignorant of the mazing wealth lying scattered beneath the surface. There are more real worlds underneath the outside life of ours than the brain can think of. Dream-life is a real state by which we gaze into the very depth of the mysteries. Nothing happens by chance, or by accident— it only seems so to our sense; but when the veil which hangs over our inner senses is removed, we are able to glance down the mystic lanes and see the future as the present. Therefore, it is not difficult to foretell what shall be, if we but lift the veil and glance along the floors of the world. When once the organs of perception are developed, you can enter the domain of the real, through the gates of the inner senses, and catch glimpses of the forward world, and thereupon cognize the events not yet born of time, but which are already arranged in advance by necessity, and therefore have to take place. The interior state— the windows of the soul — are thrown open.

A man may be an intellectual giant, but the doors of the unseen will not open to him. Only meekness of spirit, attention, perseverance, and faith open the door.

This world is full of ghostly feet, and the music of spirited singers. It is not difficult to hear them. Many have used the concave mirror, and secured very satisfactory results.

Any one can make a mirror in the following way:

Mould a lump of clay a foot square, slightly convex. Dry, and bake it hard, and smooth its surface as perfectly as possible. Then press a piece of pasteboard on it until it is all smooth and even. Now make another one, just like ti, concave. Between these two place a sheet of fire-glass. Bake it till it conforms to the required shape. Make two alike. Between these tow — cemented one-fourth of an inch apart— pour black ink until full; seal the aperture left for that purpose, and you have an excellent magic mirror. If you do not wish to go to this trouble, take a glass saucer and fill half full of black ink, and you will have the same kind of a mirror which Lane used so successfully in Egypt. A crystal glass of pure water has also often been used to good purpose. There are a number of other successful substitutes which might be used.

The habit of lifting the mind to the sublimist speculation, and allowing it to occupy the thoughts, will intensely refine your investigations; and will be bound to produce a good effect on your character. Our high ideas — great ideas about God’s providence— have a certain purpose, and by them we unconsciously pass higher and become better. By them we become spiritualized, and our pleasures multiply because they become purified. The great fault of the present race is haste, and the disregard of the higher truths. The world is going money-mad. Men will spend thousands of dollars on their homes, but not a cent on the soul’s advantage. How many treasures we let go unheeded in this world, never thinking or seeking the undreamed-of riches! Why abandon them all to the angels who stand sentinel upon a Paradise which we might enter?

“Art thou wise — even in the world’s sense? Art thou sagacious as to the relative meaning of ‘debtor and creditor’? When all the world attests that these things, written concerning the inner worlds are true, shalt thou persevere in so hopeless a chase of phantoms, of false things which flee from thee? Shalt thou, with the knowledge, strain for imaginary good, which, even in your own hand, melteth? Shalt thou, with all these results which experience avoucheth as imminent, still hold the accustomed hands and acquiesce because thou seeth all the world do likewise? Shalt thou waste precious hours in the pursuit of those anticipated fine things, which, for all thy knowledge to the contrary, are to prove as daggers to thee, and, if missing thee, perhaps prove nets to the feet to trip up, or pits of selfishness or mistake, into which they shalt fall to whom thou canst have no further use, keep it as tenaciously as thou mightest wish! Those whom thou fanciest best beloved may but inherit direct ruin in having thy riches. That which might have been a gold mosaic pavement for thee to walk over in thy lifetime, may, in sinking under thee, in they final disappearance out of this slippery world, convert as into a devil-trap to thy children.”

Before closing the chapter I wish to again remind you, that in order to develop Seership; it is absolutely necessary that you have perfect nervous quietude during the process; every departure therefrom, every excess, physical, mental, emotional or sexual— every abnormality of whatever nature, is just so much handicap to the attainment. Everything may be done in moderation, but those who go beyond the mark will never develop Seership.

Remember that the reality of all things lies deeply hidden behind the veil which only those with faith, love, persistence, and will can penetrate. All those who realize that we are floating on the outer sea of mysteries will find the rules given throughout this book, will develop them to be perfect instrumentalists, and will demonstrate to them their importance. These rules are exact copies— rendered in English— of those in use by the Oriental seers and masters.

You must have patience, otherwise you will delay, or totally prevent success. Only to the true, seeking soul, real divine power will be given. It comes only in its fullness to the spirit that is self-possessed and calm. The Grand Master, himself a genius rare, says: “The seer reaches forth for the infinite, in Power and Goodness, which are the keys that unlock the gates of glory; and he sees, hears, knows, and healeth the mental, physical, social, moral, and domestic ills of mankind by means of his goodness and his mighty secret, whereof but few in an age are naturally possessed, and still fewer attain to— for want of will and patience. For only the children of the empyrian, by nature or adoption, are admitted to the treasure-house of underlying and overflowing real. Such only have the true medial and supernal inspiration, and inhale the divine breath of God. Whoever has a strong will, and purity of purpose, may inbar the doors of mystery, enter her wide and strange domain and revel in knowledge denied the baser souls.”

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