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Not much is known of this tome, it was created by an italian artist named Luigi Serafini. The book’s ideas and illustrations are of a similar concept to those found in Charles Fort’s books. Seraphinianus stands for Strange and Extraordinary Representations of Animals and Plants and Hellish Incarnations of Normal Items from the Annals of Naturalist/Unnaturalist Luigi Serafini.

Codex Page

The Codex Searphinianus successfully creates its own world, that very closely mirrors our own. If you can ever browse through a copy you may find yourself losing hours just to study the amazing things within.

Codex Page

* Unofficial Codex Seraphinianus Site
* Buy Codex Seraphinianus

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  1. THIEF6 says

    Very interesting indeed. Codex Gigas, Voynich Manuscript, Book of Soyga, all of them I would love to see, the beauty of it.

    Thanks for mentioning this.

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