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Church of human bone

There are many curious things in this world, one of the more curious is the Ossuary of Sedlec. Also known as a church of human bone.

Bone Chandelier

The story goes that the Abbot Henry brought back some dirt from the holy land. This of course caused a ruckus and everyone wanted to be buried in a place that had “Holy Land”. Soon though the cemetary was full, but that did not stop them from burying people there. People were removed and stored, eventually the church even had too many bones in storage. With the help of the local architect they deviced a use for these bones and the Ossuary as it is now was born.

* Ossuary of Sedlec
* Church of Bones


  1. Ah yeah, I’ve been meaning to visit that church for years now. I was going to go last year with my friends, a little detour on our trip to Croatia, but then we realized it would be quite a huge detour to the Czech Republic just to see a little church. Ah well, next time. šŸ™‚

  2. Thanks for the comment.

    That is really ashame. I guess it is no different than the driving distance for us to go to the Coral Castle. You should try to get their at least once.

  3. Daniel says

    There is one in Évora, Portugal, called “Capela dos Ossos” and I’ve been there.

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