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Secret Societies, brotherhoods, mystical organizations, learn about the groups that have both empowered and destroyed humanity. From the vril to the brotherhood of light.

The Freemasons Secret Code

People like to hide things. We all have secrets and the better hidden the secret the safer it is. What if you have secrets that you need to share with others though? Long before computers and their high tech 256 encryption methods, there were ciphers. Seemingly bizarre symbols reconstituted into an almost verbal language. What would you do if you were part of the largest Fraternity with secrets in the world and needed to share info with higher ranks? Why, you would use a cipher of course.

The Freemason’s have long been held as an organization out to rule the world. However if you ask any Mason they will say they don’t have any secrets and you can find any alleged secrets on the internet. This is true but there was a time when they did keep things hidden. Otherwise why would they have a cipher?

Brotherhood of the White Temple

The last organization I was able to find that related themselves to the White Brotherhood was, The Brotherhood of the White Temple. This Brotherhood claims to again have it’s origins from mystical and divine sources. Their teachings are based upon the translations of _ The Emerald Tablets of Thoth_. Not to be confused with The Emerald Tablet of Hermes.

The tablets were translated by Dr.Doreal. Dr.Doreal has a connection with the Great White Lodge or mystic masters that presumably exist upon the ethereal planes. The tablets themselves are said to be created by Thoth the atlantean from a substance made from alchemical experimentation.