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Not a secret society but a society with secrets. The world’s largest fraternal brotherhood. Who are the masons and what are their secrets?

Freemasons, The Architect, Solomon, and the Goetia

In the popular movie series The Matrix, Neo the protagonist enters a pivotal point in which he must choose to save Trinity, his girlfriend, or save the city of Zion. The scenario is presented to him by a character called the Architect. The Architect reveals to Neo that he is responsible for the creation of the matrix and that everything that occurs is planned. As Neo speaks with the Architect we can see the alternate realities playing out upon a myriad of televisions. The Architect has predicted every one of them. After a long winded and verbose conversation Neo leaves to save his girlfriend. This occurs just as the Architect had planned.

The Architect so aptly named shares the same title as the creator given mention in Freemasonry. In masonic rites, the Architect is given known as creator and planner of the universe. This role aptly played by the greater program called the Architect in The Matrix . The symbol that is used to represent the Architect in freemasonry is a square and compass.

Freemasonry and Freemasons an Introduction

If you ask a Freemason the origins of masonry you may be told a story about how Freemasonry was originally started by a group of stone laying masons. Eventually they will say that freemasonry became open to all non-masons. You may also be told that there is in fact nothing secret about the Freemasons, nor anything mystical. The truthfulness to these claims remains unproven at least to non-masons. Any decent amount of study upon the Freemasons and it will be revealed that their origins do in fact go back to Knights Templar and further back to Egyptian times. Quite possibly even the lost city of Atlantis.

Perhaps more important to us now is knowing that the Freemasons played a large roll in the founding of the United States. The masonic references can be found through out the U.S.; as well as the U.S. currency itself. The founding president George Washington was also a Freemason. In fact the Washington monument is derived from Masonic culture itself. Benjamin Franklin was even a Freemason, in fact most of the founding fathers of the U.S. were masons.

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The Ten Commandments of Freemasonry

I. God is the Eternal, Omnipotent, Immutable WISDOM and Supreme INTELLIGENCE and Exhaustless Love. Thou shalt adore, revere, and love Him! Thou shalt honour Him by practising the virtues!

II. Thy religion shall be, to do good because it is a pleasure to thee, and not merely because it is a duty. That thou mayest become the friend of the wise man, thou shalt obey his precepts Thou shalt do nothing to degrade it !

III. Thou shalt unceasingly war against vice! Thou shalt not do unto others that which thou wouldst not wish them to do unto thee

IV. Thou shalt honour thy parents Thou shalt instruct the young! Thou shalt protect and defend infancy and innocence !

V. Thou shalt cherish thy wife and thy children! Thou shalt love thy country, and obey its laws!

Pattern on the Trestlboard

The Pattern on the Trestleboard is often attributed to several hermetic axioms. It is also plays a major role in the philosophy of Freemasonry, which iis a hermetically rich organization.

0. All the Power that ever was or will be is here now.
1. I am a center of expression for the Primal Will-to-Good which eternally creates and sustains the Universe.
2. Through me its unfailing Wisdom takes form in thought and word.
3. Filled with Understanding of its perfect law, I am guided, moment by moment, along the path of liberation.
4. From the exhaustless riches of its Limitless Substance, I draw all things needful, both spiritual and material….