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The hidden whispers within or how to find your power animal

I have read many an arcane book, and all with the promise that if you follow its doctrine then you will be as a king ruling his kingdom. Can I say such is true now? I do not know. What I do know is that the teachers of old were far more eloquent than the modern day mystics of present time.

In those teachings the writers of such books have spoken often of astral teachers. These spiritual guides exist upon a non-material plane. The manner in which one may contact these teachers varies. Most say that it can only be done when the student has become spiritually adept and their goal matches that of these spirit guides. Others say these teachers can only be met in the dream world.

The latter is particularly curious because it correlates very strongly with the Shamanistic belief of a power animal. Different tribes describe different ways of meeting your power animal.

The Mysterious Landscape of Dreams

On more than one occasion, I have had dreams that have changed my life. Dreams are a most peculiar thing. Some psychologists would write them off as mere thought dumps. Dreams are no more than your subconscious trying to expel itself of stress. Other psychologists believe that dreams contain a great deal of important information. Well I am sure both of these each play a role.

The power we have in dreams is like no other. Especially in those of a lucid dream, but it is not my intent to tell you how to have a lucid dream today. We merely wish to get you upon the path of paying attention to your dreams. No matter what they represent to us one thing is certain, no one really knows why we dream. Dreams are of such peculiar things that they are cause of numerous cases of deja vu. I can’t tell you how many times I have dreamed of places I have never been to, only to end up visiting them months later.