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How to find something lost with your dreams

I had been spending days trying to figure out what I had done with my ring. I could not recall when I last wore it or even if I may had sold it. In fact the last time I remember even seeing it was over 10 years ago! I had given up my search. However, on the second day after I had given up my search and all thought of finding the ring was gone. I had a dream come to me.

In the dream I was in my old house. I was getting ready to move out. At the time I did not know it was a dream. As I was packing my things, I carefully took the ring off my hand wrapped it up in a cloth and hid it in a chest. As soon as I placed it in the small compartment in the chest, I awoke. That’s it, I hid the ring years ago and had completely forgotten about it. Instantly I got up and ran to the old chest I had placed it in. I searched the little crevice where I had hidden it. There it was, I had finally found the ring after 10 long years.

A bizarre experience I can’t explain

When I was a child of the age of 12, I learned my first meditation technique. It involved laying down and slowly breathing in and out counting the breaths. The technique required that one focus on their forehead and wait. As I followed this technique, I was supposed to see an myriad of colors flash before my eyes. It would be as if I were traveling down a tunnel. Since I was a child I had no doubt that it would work and to my surprise it did.

I lay in the bed breathing slowly in and out and watching where my third eye would be. At the time I did not know of the third eye. After about 30 minutes I saw a bright brilliant purple light, and that was when I heard a voice speak to me. I remember it clear as day, it was an older man. The voice, was kind and caring, similar to what you might expect to hear about when reading any new age book. It was true though, I was welcomed and asked what I wanted. It was right when I heard the voice though that I got so scared I opened my eyes and screamed as loud as I could. Up until last night I had forgotten all about this experience.

Key to lucid dreaming

The landscape of dreams is a lurid and fascinating place that has amazed mankind for millennia. Dreams are a time when we are free to do what we want, they also offer ample ground to show who we truly are. The dream realm is as mysterious as the night is dark. When we begin to remember our dreams we can start to take part in our dreams.

Lucid dreaming is the act of being consciously aware that we are in a dream. When we are conscious in our dream we are open to a whole new world of exploration. So how do we realize we are dreaming?

Simple recall
Perhaps the quickest method to start with is to tell ourself as we fall asleep I am dreaming. This same method can be expanded upon in our day to day life. Periodically through out the day ask yourself if you are dreaming and look around, it may help to schedule an hourly reminder. When you do this you may also want to supplement it by jumping. When you jump in the dream realm you are more apt to just float or fly away. This hint will be an excellent mnemonic trick.