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Interview with Artist Zach Johnsen

It is with great honor and pleasure that we are able to present you an interview with yet another incredibly artist Zach Johnsen.

JackDirt:Can you start by giving us some background information on yourself?

Zach Johnsen: I was born and raised in northern NH state in the United States in 1978. My upbringing was bare bones.. my parents never had much, but what they had, they carved out for themselves through blood, sweat and tears.. i wore hand me downs almost exclusively until i was 12. As a youngster, me and my 2 brothers would be doing one of 2 things: sewing life size dummies out of old clothes then shooting arrows at them, or drawing. All I drew was gory fight scenes, with monsters and body parts, cyborgs, and kangaroos with shot guns. I guess comic books and mad magazine really had an effect on me back then.

Interview with artist Andrew Brandou

It is my great honor and pleasure to present another fantastically talented and intelligent artist, Andrew Brandou.

JackDirt: Can you tell us a little bit about yourself?
Andrew Brandou: I’m originally from michigan, and came to california to attend otis/parsons art institute. I worked at the paper moon card company as a kind of jack of all trades while in school, then switched over to animation when i graduated. I worked on dozens of animation projects , from the simpsons to spongebob, in various art capacities. since 2002 i have been concentrating solely on my fine art career, though I do still do freelance illustration for magazines and small animation projects.

Interview with artist Chet Zar

It is with great honor and pleasure that Excommunicate.Net presents an interview with Artist Chet Zar.

JackDirt: Why don’t we start by telling us a little about your background.

Chet Zar: I was born in San Pedro, California. i was born with the ‘art gene’. I really liked art and horror movies as a little kid. i was also very interested in how things worked. I was constantly taking things apart (bikes, cameras, televisions) to see how they worked. these interests, combined with a constant desire to create, got me interested in film making and eventually special effects make up, a career i have been in for about 20 years. during that time i have worked on lots of films as a designer/sculptor/special make up effects artist (planet of the apes, the ring, men in black 2, haunted mansion, fantastic four, etc). In the late 90’s i started working with the band Tool, creating make up effects for their videos as well as many other projects including 3d computer animated projections for their live shows. In the year 2000 i began a career in fine art painting with oils. that has been going well for me and i hope to keep that my main career focus from now on.