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Burn of a phoenix ritual

I looked out across the ocean. I could not help but feel alone. If you have ever been far out to sea, you will understand that feeling of isolation and dread you get from staring at miles of ocean in all directions. Some people take comfort in that kind of isolation. It is in these moments, much like staring out into space that I can see through this thin veil called reality.

Staring at the seemingly endless blue water, i could not help but wonder if anyone would notice if I fell off the boat. Eventually they would, but they would never find what was left of me. Never have I had opportunity in such a simple moment to ponder what it is like to fall off the edge of reality. The endless beyond is much like staring into the endless ocean. It is only a thin veil that separates us from joining the two.

In Greek mythology it was believed that the dead could hear the thoughts of the living. Has this been dis-proven? No, we can neither confirm nor deny such an allegation. When faced with death or the thought of it many of us seem too stunned at the limitless expanse and endless implications of dying. Is death really all that terrifying? It is something we must all face eventually and to ignore its possibility is just asinine. When we are alone we are finally at touch with our true selves. I don’t just mean alone with our technological comforts I mean alone with our thoughts. Maybe next time we think of or deceased loved ones we can hear them talking back.

That is not the same as actually walking the path between two worlds. There is a gate between realms and through the gate are the dead. Only when we are on the cusp of sleep and awake can we ever hope to glimpse this gate. The gate holds the key to understanding our loneliness. When we do step through at night in our sleep, we leave our bodies behind. As long as we breathe we will never truly understand the division between realms. But we can get burned trying.

There is an exercise that is known by the dead to cause a man to come back from his eternal slumber. What I am going to reveal to you now is not that exercise but another so you may feel the flames of the phoenix touch your life.

Be forewarned once you feel the flames a part of you will never be the same as it once was.

Burn of a Phoenix

Before doing this ritual you must go seven days without sexual desires or intentions, and you need an item from a deceased loved one.

Gather seven candles and place them around you in a circle. Light each flame from north to south uttering a divine name. The divine names uttered are independent to each individual. Use the ones to which you most closely relate. Now standing in the circle of lit candles hold the item of the departed in your left hand. Utter the following prayer.

“I (your name) do humbly and purely call upon the powers of light and shadow to take my hand this night and guide me as a living soul to the realm of the dead.”

At this point you will cross your arms over your chest in much the same manner as Osiris.

“Adonai, Jehovah, oh great divine lord have mercy upon me for the journey I am about to begin.” (the names may be replaced with any god name)

“Great gods I ask that you do not deceive me into staying in the realm of the dead but you send your escorts to watch over me. It is my intention that I______.”

Here you will state your reasoning for wanting to enter the realm of the dead.

“Should I fail your divine will then I may risk bringing back those who do not belong here. Then I would ask you to take me away from the realm and erase my mind of such dangers.”

This is said for our and your safety.

“Upon completion of the journey let the flame of life flicker briefly so that I may know I have entered into the divine will. It is this smokeless flame that has created the divine and it is these spirits born of smokeless fire that will guide me.”

“Praise be to you o lord and many humble thanks to your divine servants for keeping watch over me.”


Upon completion of the ritual you must pinch out the flame of each candle. Now when you go to bed upon the night of completion place the item under your pillow and go to sleep. To ensure your success you must envision your walk there with your guardian as you drift to sleep. I pray that you not take this ritual lightly for it is what can change the nature of a man. We take no responsibility for any ill actions that may arise from performing the burn of a phoenix.

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